Teeth Whitening in Molar City

Have you ever considered having your teeth whitened? The procedure is quick, simple and painless, making teeth whitening in Molar City the ideal treatment to undergo whilst visiting Los Algodones. You can get unbeatable deals on the cost of the treatment in Mexico in comparison to the fees being charged by your local dentist. So, why not enjoy a little Mexican vacation, save a few bucks, and become the envy of your friends by returning home with a brand-new smile?


What Does Teeth Whitening Involve?


Undergoing teeth whitening is a swift, effective and inexpensive way of giving your smile an effective makeover. However, you should be aware that there are several different methods that can be employed, with some delivering better results than others:


  1. Whitening Toothpaste – Probably the most common, and inexpensive, technique but, even if used on a daily basis, any whitening that is experienced will be minimal.


  1. At-home Whitening Kits – You can only obtain at-home whitening kits from a dentist. This is because you will need to have impressions taken of your teeth so that trays can be fabricated that will fit snugly over your teeth. The whitening gel is placed into the trays, and the trays are then worn overnight to brighten the appearance of the teeth. The trays are usually used every night for a couple of weeks, or until the desired degree of whiteness has been attained. At-home whitening kits are more expensive than whitening toothpaste but are far more effective.


  1. Laser Teeth Whitening – This treatment is performed by your dentist at the clinic. The process usually takes a couple of hours to complete, but the effects are immediately noticeable and can be quite spectacular as the teeth can be made to look up to as much as 14 shades lighter. Depending on which dentist you visit, you will find that there are several different brands of laser teeth whitening, such as Brite Smile and Zoom!. Whilst there may be a few small differences in how each treatment is performed, the end results will be the same for your smile.


Why Should I get Teeth Whitening in Molar City, Los Algodones?


Your teeth can become discolored for a variety of reasons, such as:


  • Through using tobacco
  • Consuming food and drink that can cause stains, such as coffee and red wine
  • Failure to clean your teeth regularly
  • Due to the aging process, because tooth enamel becomes thinner as you get older
  • Intrinsic staining – which are stains inside the tooth and can be caused by exposure to drugs, such as Tetracycline


It is worth noting that teeth whitening techniques are most effective on extrinsic stains, which are stains on the surface of the teeth, rather than intrinsic stains that are inside the teeth.


Algodones is the perfect place to undergo the procedure. Aside from the cost savings that you can make on laser teeth whitening, which is significantly cheaper than back home, the whole procedure will only take a couple of hours out of your holiday whilst delivering instantly noticeable results.


Although downtime is minimal, you may experience increased tooth sensitivity immediately after the treatment, but this will dissipate within a few days. And, to help maintain your new dazzling smile, you may also want to consider getting a home tooth whitening kit at the same time as you can always pick up more gel from your local dentist once back home.


What can I Expect During Teeth Whitening Treatment?


So, let’s take a look at the steps involved in each tooth whitening procedure:


  1. Laser Teeth Whitening


The treatment usually takes around 2 hours to complete and involves:


  1. Your dentist will determine the existing shade of your teeth using a chart.
  2. Next, your dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove and stains and tartar that are present.
  3. Your mouth will now be prepared for the laser treatment. Your dentist will place a rubber dam over your teeth to protect the soft tissues of the mouth, ensuring that only the teeth are exposed to the bleaching gel. You will be given some protective goggles to wear that will shield your eyes from the laser.
  4. The bleaching gel is now applied to the teeth, and the laser is applied to activate the bleaching agents in the gel.
  5. There will now be a 15-minute wait to allow the whitening process to occur before the gel is removed. The process is then repeated two more times to achieve optimal results.
  6. Once all traces of the gel have been removed, your dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth again and then, using the chart, will ascertain how many shades lighter your teeth have become.


  1. At Home Whitening Kits:


This treatment will require two trips to the dentist:


  1. Your dentist will carry out an initial assessment to ascertain your suitability for home-whitening treatment. If you are a suitable candidate, impressions of your teeth will be taken and sent to the dental laboratory. The technicians in the laboratory will then use these molds to fabricate made-to-measure trays for your mouth.
  2. Once the trays have been sent back from the laboratory, your dentist will arrange a follow-up appointment where you will be shown how to apply the gel into the trays and fit them over your teeth.


What are the Typical Costs for the Procedure?


If you’re seriously considering getting teeth whitening, Molar City Algodones recommended dentists can save you a substantial amount off the cost of the treatment. For example:


  • Laser teeth whitening in the United States typically costs around USD $668 (CAD $833, GBP £518, EUR €560, AUD $841, NZD $922), compared to just USD $174 (CAD $217, GBP £135, EUR €145, AUD $219, NZD $240) in Los Algodones.
  • Similarly, home teeth-whitening kits in the US cost somewhere in the region of USD $500 (CAD $623, GBP £388, EUR €419, AUD $629, NZD $690), compared to as little as USD $130 (CAD $162, GBP £100, EUR €109, AUD $163, NZD $179) at a dentist in Los Algodones.


Where are the Best Teeth Whitening Clinics in Molar City?


Here at Molar City Algodones, we have researched the best dental facilities offering teeth whitening in Mexico. The following list is our top 10 recommendations, based on the quality of the treatment, value for money and overall service:


  1. Sani Dental Group
  2. Sani Dental Group “Platinum”
  3. Simply Dental
  4. CIRO Dental
  5. Supreme Dental Clinic
  6. Castle Dental
  7. Dr. Sonia Edeza Morales
  8. Alberta Dental
  9. Confident Smile Studio
  10. Best Dentist Mexico


Travelling to a foreign country for dental treatment can seem like an intimidating prospect. You will have the worry of making travel arrangements and booking suitable accommodation, not to mention concerns about the quality of the treatment that is available.


By booking through Molar City Algodones, you can get assistance with everything from booking flights and making hotel reservations, through to arranging top quality treatment at an international-quality, state-of-the-art dental facility in Los Algodones – and all for a fraction of the price that you would pay for the treatment alone at a dentist back home.


Quality is assured if you book through one of our partner clinics as all of our recommended dentists have passed a range of stringent quality checks. We have verified qualifications, professional memberships, on-site facilities, health and safety procedures and sterilization techniques to ensure that the treatment you receive is every bit as good as, if not better than, the treatment you would expect from a domestic dentist.


So, contact our Customer Care Team now and book your teeth whitening in Molar City today!