Root Canals in Molar City

The prospect of undergoing a root canal in Molar City can fill even the most intrepid of individuals with dread and uncertainty. The thought of traveling to a foreign country is, in itself, an intimidating undertaking, especially for a major procedure such as a root canal.

However, the procedure is not as painful as you might think, being no more uncomfortable than having a filling. And, here at Molar City Algodones, we can take the stress and hassle out of finding a world class dental facility capable of performing your root canal treatment in Los Algodones, but at a price to suit your pocket!

So, why risk losing a precious tooth that will result in the stigma of living with an unsightly gap when you can fix the problem permanently and, more importantly, at an affordable cost?

What Does a Root Canal Procedure Involve?

If a tooth falls into a bad state of decay it’s possible that the central cavity of the tooth, referred to as the root canal, can become infected or damaged. Soft tissue is housed within the root canal which contains pulp and nerve tissue, and if this becomes infected then an abscess can develop at the tooth root. As you can imagine, this can be particularly painful and can result in localized swelling around the tooth. It’s possible for this swelling to spread to other parts of the face and neck or, worse still, could even cause bone loss in your jaw.

To remedy the problem, a root canal procedure can be carried out by a specialist dentist, known as an endodontist. This tooth specialist can remove the nerve and pulp from an infected tooth and thoroughly clean and fill the empty cavity, thus eliminating any pain and saving the natural tooth in the process.

In general, a root canal procedure would normally require two or three appointments with your dentist. This can be dependent upon:

  1. whether there is an infection present, and
  2. whether a crown is required to strengthen the tooth

The root canal procedure will involve the following steps:

  1. The dentist will assess the condition of the tooth and take x-rays to get a picture of the root canals and to ascertain whether there is an infection.
  2. The tooth will then be prepared for treatment, which will involve a local anesthetic being used to numb the area around the tooth. Your dentist will then fit a rubber dam over the tooth to keep the area dry during the procedure.
  3. Next, an access hole is drilled directly into the tooth to allow the pulp, bacteria and any other debris present to be removed. The chamber is then thoroughly cleaned and antibiotic medication placed inside, if necessary.
  4. Finally, the tooth is filled and sealed. In some instances, your dentist may opt to put in a temporary filling at this stage, preferring for the patient to come back after a week or so to check that there are no signs of infection. If all is well, the temporary filling will be replaced with a permanent one.
  5. If a crown is required, the dentist will take impressions at this stage which will be sent to the laboratory for the crown to be fabricated. Once the crown is ready, you will be asked to return to your dentist to have it fitted.

How Much Can I Save by Undergoing a Root Canal in Los Algodones?

Obviously, prices will vary from clinic to clinic, both in Mexico and at home. As a general guideline, the following figures are the average prices that are being charged by Mexican dentists compared to their American counterparts:

  • Root canal treatment at a dentist in the United States: USD $1,200 (CAD $1,499, GBP £926, EUR €997, AUD $1,506, NZD $1,647).
  • Cost of a root canal in Molar City, Los Algodones: USD $300 (CAD $375, GBP £231, EUR €249, AUD $376, NZD $411).

As you can see, you can save 75% on the cost of root canal treatment by visiting a reliable dentist in Los Algodones. And, if you need more than one tooth treating, your savings can run into literally thousands of dollars!

Is it really cost-effective to make several visits to a Root Canal Specialist in Molar City?

If you are a regular visitor to Mexico, whether on business, for personal reasons or for pleasure, then arranging to get your treatment whilst in the country should be pretty straightforward and won’t incur any additional expenses. Similarly, if you live close to the border then making the trip into Los Algodones for your appointments is no great inconvenience or financial bind.

If you’re traveling from a little further afield, then it’s worth bearing in mind that, from beginning to end, the whole process can take up to 2 weeks to complete. Your dentist may also require that you have started on a course of antibiotics to treat any infection prior to commencing your root canal procedure.

That’s why many patients choose to take a vacation in Mexico whilst undergoing the treatment. The money that they save on the cost of the procedure is more than enough to offset travel and accommodation fees and ensures that they remain in the country long enough for their dentist to complete the treatment.

Is the quality of Dental Care inferior in Molar City Compared to dentists at home?

Absolutely not! In fact, in some instances, the quality of the dental facilities and standard of work can be superior to that of your local dentists. There are custom-built clinics here, equipped with the latest state-of-the-art dental technologies, that are dedicated to catering to the specific needs of international patients.

Dentists in Los Algodones are also subjected to stringent training regimes and possess the same qualifications as their American counterparts. In many cases, they have trained abroad at some of the most prestigious institutes in the world, gaining professional memberships with internationally-recognized organizations such as the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) and the American Dental Association (ADA).

Obviously, before you commit to such an important undertaking as having root canal treatment in Mexico, it is vital that you carry out some effective research into the quality of the dentists that are available. The success of your treatment is dependent upon the skill of your chosen endodontist and the quality of the facility that you visit.

That’s why, here at Molar City Algodones, we have selected only the finest dental establishments to be our partner clinics. All qualifications, professional memberships and experiences have been quality-checked and verified by us for legitimacy, ensuring that the treatment you receive will be of the highest standard.

That’s why we are confident in recommending the following facilities for your root canal procedure:


We can help you to book your treatment at any of these world-class dental clinics and ensure that you get the best price currently available anywhere on the market. In addition to this, we can also arrange preferential hotel rates at quality establishments such as the Hacienda in Los Algodones, and also assist with travel arrangements and additional dental insurance.


So, what are you waiting for? Contact our Customer Care Team now to find out how much you can save by booking you root canal treatment in Molar City!