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The Top 10 Dental Clinics in Molar City


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Los Algodones, otherwise known as Molar City, in Mexico, has earned the reputation as being the dental capital of the world. But, with so many dentists in Molar City to choose from, how do you select the right one?


Here, for your convenience, we list our top 10 best dentists in Molar City:


Ranked #1

 Sani Dental Group


4.9 Molar City Algodones Index Rating based on 648 Reviews from:

Google+(95), DentalDepartures(528), Facebook(64), Whatclinic(56) 


Sani Dental Group: With over 30 years of experience in the dental industry, this clinic comprises of twenty-two chairs, eight dental specialists and its own on-site dental laboratory. See More

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Ranked #2

Simply Dental


4.9 Molar City Algodones Index Rating based on 626 Reviews from:

Google+(19), DentalDepartures(529), Facebook(23), Whatclinic(74)


Simply Dental: An ultra-modern dental clinic offering comprehensive dental care in spa-like surroundings. See More

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Ranked #3

Sani Dental Group - Platinum


4.9 Molar City Algodones Index Rating based on 734 Reviews from:



Sani Dental Group – Platinum: Providing expert dentistry in a modern, airy setting, this clinic is particularly popular with North American patients who enjoy its close proximity to the border. See More

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Ranked #4

Supreme Dental


 4.8  Molar City Algodones Index Rating based on 581 Reviews from:

Google+(3), DentalDepartures(568), Facebook(13), Whatclinic(0)


Supreme Dental: Offering modern, friendly, and professional services in a safe and pleasant environment, including general and cosmetic dentistry such as crowns, dentures, etc. See More

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Ranked #5

CIRO Dental


 4.8  Molar City Algodones Index Rating based on 525 Reviews from:

Google+(3), DentalDepartures(514), Facebook(0), Whatclinic(56)


CIRO Dental: A newly-established dental clinic that provides high-quality, affordable care in general and specialist dentistry, such as root canal treatments and dental implants. See more

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Ranked #6

Castle Dental


4.7 Molar City Algodones Index Rating based on 226 Reviews from:

Google+(9), DentalDepartures(196), Facebook(14), Whatclinic(16)


Castle Dental: Situated close to the border, this clinic delivers general and specialist dental services to Mexican, American and Canadian patients alike. See More

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Ranked #7

Alberta Dental


4.6 Molar City Algodones Index Rating based on 133 Reviews from:

Google+(1), DentalDepartures(126), Facebook(5), Whatclinic(2)


Alberta Dental: This clinic offers complete oral health care for all the family. Specialists perform treatments like gum care, orthodontics, implants, root canals and cosmetic dentistry. See More

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Ranked #8

Dr. Sonia Edeza Morales


4.6 Molar City Algodones Index Rating based on 176 Reviews from:

Google+(1), DentalDepartures(156), Facebook(0), Whatclinic(20)


Dr. Sonia Edeza Morales: Providing an extensive range of general and specialist dental services in a professional, comfortable and relaxing environment. See More

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Ranked #9

Confident Smile Studio


3.8 Molar City Algodones Index Rating based on 8Reviews from:

Google+(0), DentalDepartures(78), Facebook(0), Whatclinic(10)


Confident Smile Studio: The dentists here provide a comprehensive range of general and specialist dental treatments, including dental implants, crowns and bridges. See More

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Ranked #10

Best Dentist Mexico


 3.6  Molar City Algodones Index Rating based on 73 Reviews from:

Google+(1), DentalDepartures(73), Facebook(0), Whatclinic(0)


Best Dentist Mexico: Located within walking distance of the US border crossing, this facility has been providing a full range of dental services to American and Canadian patients for over 14 years. See More

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Finding the best clinics


Molar City is one of the least expensive providers of quality dental care in the world. With more dentists here per capita than anywhere else, finding cheap dental clinics in Molar City is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel!


However, the sheer volume of clinics here can make finding the right facility for you a little like finding a needle in a haystack. This is where Molar City Algodones can help!


What we do


We pre-screen every Algodones dentist to ensure that you, our patients, receive the best treatment and experience possible. If a clinic is not up to scratch, we don’t affiliate ourselves with them or endorse their work.


You obviously want to visit a dentist with good credentials, which is why we’ve taken the time to run background checks to verify the legitimacy of all qualifications and professional memberships held by each of our partner clinics. If we’re not prepared to send our friends and family to a particular facility, we’re not going to recommend them to you!


We also guarantee that you will receive the lowest rates offered to any patient by all of our partner clinics, without any fuss or haggling over the price. Our dedicated Customer Care Team are available to assist you 24 hours a day with any queries that you may have, or to help you book your treatment with one of our quality-checked dentists!

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