Why You Should Opt for Dental Implants in Los Algodones

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A lot of Americans and Canadians are travelling across the border for affordable dental care. In Los Algodones dental implants are quite inexpensive as compared to the cost you bear back home. The average person dreads a visit to the dentist. Compounding their reluctance is the high cost of dentistry locally. Los Algodones, known popularly as Molar City, is a town located on the US-Mexico border. Let us go over the several reasons why you should opt for dental implants in Algodones.

Huge Cost Savings

You can save thousands of dollars by getting dental implants in Molar City. Dentists there offer them for a fraction of the cost you would have to spend back home. The starting price of an implant there is USD $1,250 or CAD $1,600. In comparison, the cost of implants in the US and Canada is around USD $3,900 and CAD $5,000 respectively. Even if you require just one implant, the cost savings make the trip worth your while. The savings only increase if you require multiple implants. And considering you cannot rely on Medicare to pay for your dental work, a trip to Algodones seems the logical option.


The cheap dental implants will definitely cover the cost of travelling to and staying in Molar City. Keep in mind that the treatment necessitates two trips to Los Algodones. Dental implants take some time to infuse with your jawbone. So you will have to make a second trip after four to six months. The price difference will easily cover the cost of multiple trips.


High-Quality Dentistry

The rule of thumb when it comes to dental care is that you get what you pay for. However, this does not have to be the case in Molar City. The implant prices there are lower for reasons other than inferior quality. These include:


  • Low cost of running a clinic in Mexico
  • Low cost of living
  • Low cost of materials and labor
  • Lack of bureaucratic red tape


Los Algodones is referred to as the dental capital of the world, and for good reason. The small town is home to 300 clinics and more than 900 dentists. The high level of competition further keeps a check on the prices.  


Accessible Destination

Molar City is located a few miles from Yuma, Arizona. If you reside in Canada, or any other state in the US, you can take a flight to Yuma and conveniently cross the border. You can park your car overnight for just USD $16, or just drive across. The best clinics in Algodones are also located close to the border, including Simply Dental, Sani Dental Group, and Supreme Dental.

All these reasons contribute to making Molar City the ideal dental tourism destination for affordable implants. In Los Algodones, dental implants are inexpensive, of good quality and easily accessible to Americans and Canadians. Feel free to learn more about the clinics mentioned above as you plan a trip to Molar City.




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