Why the Dentists in Mexico Are Some of the Best in North America

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Dental implants may be prescribed to patients for various reasons. However, many people are not able to get this treatment done since it is quite expensive. In fact, many people avoid any type of dental treatment due to the cost factor. And yet it is important to ensure great oral health. If you are prescribed dental implants but are apprehensive due to the cost, you should consider visiting Mexico dentists.

Not only do these dentists offer treatment at affordable rates, but they are reliable as well. Thanks to this many Americans and Canadians travel to Mexico to have their dental treatments done. Not only do you save a hefty amount of money, but the treatment is also in line with international standards.


There are more than 900 dentists in Molar City across 300 clinics. You may be wondering what is Molar City. Over the years, dental tourism in Los Algodones increased so much, that it is now known as Molar City. You can either take a plane directly to Mexico or you can take a trip to Yuma, Arizona and drive 10 miles to reach your destination. With the amount you will save in treatment, you can easily afford the travel and any accommodation costs.


Are the Savings Worth Taking the Trip?

Most people wonder if the cost savings are worth the trip. Truth be told, they are. Not only do you get to enjoy the warm weather, you also save more than 50% on the procedure, making your trip worth it. If you are looking to get dental implants, you can easily save around ten to fifteen thousand dollars on the cost of the treatment.


Let us look at the price comparison of dental implants in the US and Canada vs. prices offered by dentists in Molar City. For a single implant, you will have to pay around USD $3,900 in the US. On the other hand, you will be paying around CAD $5,000 for an implant in Canada. If you opt for Mexico dentists for your dental implants, you will only need to pay around USD $1,250 / CAD $1,600 for each implant.


Remember that dental implants take time to infuse to your jaw. So you will need to make another trip to Algodones in six months. But not only will the savings cover the cost of accommodation and traveling for your initial trip, but also the second visit.


How to Find Affordable Dentists

Molar City is another name for Los Algodones. Where is Molar City? This city is conveniently located near the US-Mexico border, just 10 miles from Yuma, Arizona. There are over 300 clinics to choose from. Here are a few suggestions for the best clinics in Los Algodones:



Let us briefly go over these top clinics:


CIRO Dental

This facility offers a variety of treatments under one roof. From implants to crowns, CIRO has it all.


Castle Dental

Part of the famous Smile Brands Group Inc., this clinics was established in 1998 and has been providing dental care to domestic and international patients since.


Supreme Dental

This is one of the most popular dental clinics amongst patients from the US and Canada. The best part is that they will accept American insurance.


Simply Dental

This clinic has a peaceful and warm ambiance, ideal for making any patient comfortable. Their staff is well-trained and friendly and will make you feel right at home.


No matter what kind of dental treatment you need, Mexico dentists provide you with state-of-the-art facilities and international treatment standards. With the hefty savings you enjoy, going to Los Algodones for dental work makes perfect sense. Contact our customer support for more information.

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