Why Molar City Is the Best Place for High-Quality Yet Cheap Dental Work

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All-on-4 implants are a great option for people who need teeth replacement. Unfortunately, the cost of dental treatment for Canadians and Americans is skyrocketing. Even the simplest procedures cost a substantial amount. Due to this, many people cannot afford basic dental care. If you need implants, you should check out dentists’ prices Los Algodones side.

Lost Algodones is a city in Mexico known for providing cheap and high quality dental care. Considering the low dental implant prices, you may be skeptical to seek treatment there. However, the cheap treatment does not come at the cost of quality. The dentists in Mexico are the best at what they do, operating state-of-the-art.


So, how much can you save on dental treatment in Molar City. Is it worth travelling all the way to Los Algodones? A price comparison for the treatment between a local clinic and a clinic in Los Algodones should give you a clear picture.


If you opt for an All-on-4 treatment in the US and Canada, you can expect to pay at least USD $26,000/ CAD $34,400. On the other hand, if you travel to Los Algodones, the all on 4 costs will only be USD $10,000 / CAD $13,000.


This means you comfortably save over 60% on the cost of the treatment. With these savings, you will easily be able to afford the travel and lodging expenses. You can avail the option to take some time off to enjoy the tropical weather and get your oral health in order.


Why Is Treatment In Mexico So Cheap?

There are many reasons why dental treatments in Mexico are so cheap. Clinics in developed countries face a high operating cost. Hence, the cost of treatment is higher. Dentistsprices in Los Algodones are lower because these clinics operate at lower overheads:


Relaxed Regulations

Strict regulations in first world countries drive all-on-4 costs upwards. However, the Mexican government makes it their priority to keep the regulations relaxed for the clinics. The clinics operate at lower overhead costs with relaxed regulations, keeping treatment costs down.


Low Salaries

Mexico is a cheap country to live in. Therefore, clinics do not have to pay their staff hefty salaries.



Materials in developed countries are expensive due to bureaucratic red tape. The expensive materials compel clinics to charge higher dental implant prices. Due to the absence of red tape in Los Algodones, clinics can acquire materials at a lower cost. These materials are of the same quality and standard. Since the materials are cheaper, the clinics do not charge as much as clinics in the US and Canada.


Best Dentist Clinics in Los Algodones

If you want to get the best treatment, you need to ensure the clinic you select is reliable. There are many reputed clinics in Molar City. Here are a few clinics you should consider:


Seeking treatment at one of the above mentioned clinics will guarantee quality. These clinics operate according to international standards. Of course, they help you save a substantial amount of money on dental treatments.


Since the cost of dental treatment in developed countries is on the rise, travelling to Mexico for dental work is your best option. They operate according to international standards. This means you can sure of the quality of treatment. Of course, the significant amount of savings makes this option a no-brainer.


The bottom-line is that the dentists’ prices Los Algodones side are considerably lower than what their American and Canadian counterparts charge. Feel free to contact the customer support team at Molar City Algodones to learn more.

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