Why Molar City is a Must for Dental Tourism

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Why Molar City is a Must for Dental Tourism

Molar City Dentists Are Among the Best in Mexico

With rising costs of dental work in the United States, most Americans seek affordable dental services across the border. For many, the preferred destination is Los Algodones, aka Molar City, in Mexico. More than 900 Molar City dentists are currently working in over 300 dental clinics. The city is known as the dental capital of the world.


With more dentists per capita than any country in the world, Los Algodones is an ideal location for American dental tourists. Let’s go over a few reasons why this is so.


To start off, the town’s close proximity to the US-Mexico border makes it a convenient choice for American dental patients. Los Algodones is a town to the North in Mexico and is conveniently located near the southern borders of California and Arizona.


In fact, you can walk to Los Algodones from the border. You can easily reach the top clinics such as Castle Dental, Dr. Sonia Edeza Morales, and Alberta Dental. In addition, the weather is warm and prices of everything in this town are on the low side.


In Molar City, dentist prices vary based on several factors, such as the qualification of the dentist, the reputation of the clinic, and the procedure being performed. But overall, dental care is much more affordable in this town as compared to any US city.


For instance, the average cost of dental implants in the US is $3913. Dental implants in Molar City, however, cost around just $1250 on average. That means you save 68% on dental implants in Mexico as compared to your city. This is the main reason why people travel to Los Algodones for all kinds of dental services. However, this is not the only reason.


Most of the dentists and dental surgeons in this town have received training abroad, in whole or in part. They also speak good English, so there will be no communication barrier. Generally speaking, the quality of dental work in Los Algodones is excellent.


In fact, dentists that were trained in the US often have an affiliation with the American Dental Association (ADA). All this ensures that while you are paying significantly lower prices, you will receive the same quality of treatment as in the US.


The reason why prices are low has nothing to do with the quality of the procedures but the fact that rental costs are distinctly lower in Mexico as compared to the US. In addition, operating costs, labor costs, and even insurance is cheaper in Los Algodones. That is why even for major dental surgeries like All-on-4, Americans can save more than 60% of their costs in Los Algodones.


Finally, consider that Los Algodones is a relatively small town that derives significant income from tourism. As such, it is one of the safest places in Mexico, and the community ensures that it remains this way.


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