Why All-on-4 Prices Are So Low in Molar City

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If you need an all-on-4, you probably know it costs a fortune. Thankfully, all-on-4 prices in Molar City are a fraction of those in your city. Thousands cross the border daily for dental work in this Mexican town. Instead of USD $26,000 or CAD $34,400 in the US or Canada, Molar City offers it for around USD $10,000 / CAD $13,000. But why such a drastic price difference? Does it mean you will have to compromise on the quality of the implants or the competence of the dentists? Thankfully, this is not the case. Let us take a closer look at the actual reasons behind the cheap mouth restoration in Algodones.

Low Cost of Operation and Materials

The biggest reason is Mexico’s lower cost of operation and materials. It costs much less money to run a dental clinic in Molar City than it does in any US or Canadian city. The budget of maintaining a dental facility and purchasing materials in your city are much higher than anywhere in Mexico. This allows dentists in Algodones to pass on the lower numbers to their patients.


Low Cost of Living

This factor means two things. First, the salaries of the dentists and staff are no where near their American or Canadian counterparts. Second, even the most accomplished dentist in Mexico can enjoy a lifestyle comparable to the one in your city, even while charging a fraction of what your local dentist does.


Stiff Competition

The whole point of the traveling to Molar City is to get all-on-4 for less. Without compromising on quality of course. And the 300+ clinics in this border town are all vying for your attention. Locked in a stiff competition, the only way they can succeed is by offering the best of both cost and quality to international patients.


No Red Tape

Businesses in developed countries, including dental practices, have to deal with bureaucratic red-tape. This drives up their costs, which are ultimately borne by patients. In countries such as Mexico, this not the case and dentists can practice their trade more freely.


All these factors combine to maintain the low all-on-4 prices in Molar City. The town is the most inexpensive dental tourism destination in North America. No wonder so many people from across the US and Canada head to Los Algodones for all-on-4.


The first successful all-on-4 procedure was done in 1998. Since then, countless people have enjoyed its benefits including:

  • Replacing an entire arch with only four implants
  • Getting new teeth in just one day
  • Enjoying firm placement; without loosening or shifting
  • Avoiding bone grafts in most cases
  • Cheaper option than getting over four implants


If you stick to reliable clinics such as Sani Dental Group and Simply Dental, you can make the most of these benefits.


Now you know there is no catch to the low all-on-4 prices in Molar City. Research the clinics named above if you are planning a dental trip to Algodones. From loose and missing teeth to problems with bite and with dentures, an all-on-4 system solves a lot of issues.



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