Visit Dental Paradise Across The Border: What Is Molar City?

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Do the fees your local dentist charges for simple dental work causing you to feel perturbed? The cost of dental care is on the rise in developed countries, and the situation is no different in the US and Canada. Undergoing a major dental procedure can set you back by tens of thousands of dollars. Moreover, insurance rarely, if ever, costs the cost of the dental work you get. In other words, you could end up in debt over dental implants. Luckily for you, in Mexico, dentists keep prices low.



Understanding the Dental Capital of the World

What is Molar City? Mexico is proving a hub for dental tourism, especially for patients on this side of the Pacific. In particular, the border town of Los Algodones is conveniently accessible for Americans and Canadians, thanks to its proximity to the border and several international airports in the US. So, what is Molar City? Molar City is the nickname for Los Algodones, earned because of its status as the ‘dental capital of the world’, with hundreds of clinics and dentists operating there.


Molar City’s Location

Wondering Where is Molar City? As mentioned, Los Algodones is a border town, neighboring the US and Mexico border. However, you might want to learn more details about where is Molar City. The town is just 7 miles away from Yuma, Arizona. You can take a flight to Yuma and then just walk across the border, or rent a car to drive across. You also have the option to drive your car to Yuma, park it overnight for $16, and then go across on foot. Or, you can drive your car to Molar City, to the clinic you choose for your procedure.


Why Molar City?

In Mexico, dentists receive their training and education abroad, or at some of the best universities in the region. Yet, is their expertise and experience reason enough for you to contemplate travelling across the border for dental work? For one, you can rest assured that the dentists in Mexico have the skills and knowledge to perform complex and minor procedures without hassle. You do not have to compromise on the quality of dentistry, or your safety, by visiting dentists in Molar City.


But, that is not the only reason you should consider heading to Los Algodones for dental work. Here are some other benefits you can enjoy:


World-Class Clinics

The dental clinics in Molar City feature state-of-the-art equipment. Moreover, the dentists in Molar City use the same materials and supplies as their counterparts across the border. You can undergo any treatment you select in a welcoming and hospitable environment. Some of the best clinics in Los Algodones are



You can select a clinic from this list or do further research to pick the option that perfectly suits your needs.

Significant Cost Savings

You can save up to 80% on the cost of dental treatments by heading to Los Algodones. The savings range from treatment to treatment, but on average, you can expect to save at least 50% on the price. For instance, the cost of dental implants in the US and Canada is USD $3,900/ CAD $5,000. In comparison, the treatment costs just USD $1,250/ CAD $1,700 in Molar City, which means savings of 65%.


The bottom-line is that a trip across the border can help you save money on dental work. In Mexico, dentists are famous for keeping prices low, and yet maintaining a high standard of dentistry. Hence, all the more reason for you to make the most of this option. Feel free to contact our customer support if you want to learn more about the procedure.

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