Undergo Complex Dental Procedures While Enjoying Great Savings in Los Algodones

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A growing concern for Americans and Canadians are the rising dentists’ prices. Los Algodones, Mexico, on the other hand is a haven for dental tourists who are looking to undergo complex and minor dental treatment, but do not want to break the bank. After all, even a basic procedure, such as dental implants, can cost thousands of dollars back home. The last thing you want is ending up in debt just to ensure your dental health is in good condition. But are the dentistsprices in Los Algodones worth making the trip across border.

The great news for you is that you do not have to settle for the bottom of the barrel, but rather aim for the cream of the crop. Simply put, you can undergo dental work at a world-class dentist, but only have to pay third-world prices. In other words, you can get first-rate treatments without having to give an arm and a leg. The savings are great, regardless of the procedure you undergo. The dental implant prices as well as the all on 4 costs in Molar City are significantly lower than the US and Canada, ensuring savings of more than 50%.


Why Do Dentists in Molar City Keep Prices Low?

People consider Los Algodones the de facto ‘dental capital of the world’. In fact, the nickname for the city is ‘Molar City’, simply because the town is home to more than 300 clinics and 900 dentists. The competition between the clinics is intense, as they are vying for the same target market. Dentists aim to attract patients from across the border, and therefore, the dentistsprices in Los Algodones remain low. The clinics realize that raising the prices might end up driving patients away. Here are some of the top clinics in Algodones:



Over the years, Molar City enjoyed a burgeoning reputation for offering world-class, affordable dental treatments. Moreover, the government supported the industry by providing the necessary infrastructure and reducing stringent regulations on dental clinics. In other words, the government encourages healthy competition among the clinics, which makes getting dental treatments in Molar City a win-win proposition for you. The clinics have to keep quality high and prices low, exactly what you are seeking.


How Much Money Can You Save?

Speaking specifically, you need a clear idea of the amount of money you can save on dental work in Los Algodones before you plan your trip. Keep in mind that the prices are low across the board, which means you can save money, regardless of whether you opt for a major or minor treatment. For example, the savings on laser teeth whitening are 78%, 75% on composite fillings, and 80% on root canals. The savings are also significant on treatments that cost thousands of dollars in the US and Canada.


The dental implant prices in Molar City are USD $1,250/ CAD $1,700, as compared to the USD $3,900/ CAD $5,000 you have to spend at a clinic back home. The all on four costs are equally lower, around 65%, with dentists in Molar City charging USD $10,000/ CAD $13,600, while their American and Canadian counterparts charging USD $25,000/ CAD $33,000. You can enjoy great savings, regardless of the treatment you opt for. All in all, travelling across the border for dental work will prove worth your while.


So, there you have it, a clear overview of the savings you can enjoy on dental work in Molar City. The dentists’ prices Los Algodones side are significantly lower than the cost you bear for dentistry in the US and Canada. If you wish to learn more about the procedure, feel free to contact the customer support team at Molar City Algodones.

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