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Dental crowns in Algodones are popular with Americans and Canadians due to the price of treatment. However, some people have concerns about the quality of care on offer in Los Algodones. Despite the thousands who travel every day, some people are unaware that clinics there provide world-class dentistry and ensure international hygiene standards are enforced. This review will confirm for you what many know already, that Molar City is the world capital of dentistry.


Why are Crowns in Los Algodones Inexpensive?

Clinics are able to provide dental crowns at affordable prices because of the low cost of living in Mexico. As a result, costs such as salaries, rent, electric, and water are lower than in the US and Canada, and the clinics pass on these savings to the customer.


Additionally, there are more dentists than patients, so clinics have to promote using price to attract customers.


Do the Dentists Have Adequate Experience?

Clinics in Los Algodones are famous for their dentists, who are highly qualified and experienced. Those who offer dental crowns in Algodones have been operating for several years. Many of the younger dentists studied in the US, and some are even members of dental organizations there.


Clinics are operated to international standards, and some have been internationally recognized for the quality of their services. The following dental crown clinics in Los Algodones are popular with past patients and should be considered highly:



How Much Can You Save in Los Algodones?

Molar City offers savings of at least 50% on dental treatments so if you plan your trip you can cover the cost of travel and have some leftover. The savings on a dental crown are not as high as on dental implants, but you could still save a considerable amount, as shown in the following price comparison:


A single crown in the US and Canada will cost you USD 900 to USD 1,500 / CAD 1,132 to CAD 1,887 depending on the materials used. In Molar City the same treatment would cost just USD 160 to USD 500 / CAD 201 to CAD 629. This is a saving of close to 80%.


Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.


Getting Started


Get more information about the best clinics for dental crowns in Los Algodones from the customer support team or book an appointment on Molar City Algodones.

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