Top Reasons Why Los Algodones is The Best Place for Dental Crowns

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Los Algodones offers a balanced mix of quality and affordability when it comes to major and minor dental treatments. For instance, you can get high quality dental crowns in Algodones for a fraction of the prices you would get back home. The cost of dental works in Mexico is strikingly lower compared to clinics in first world countries such as the US and Canada. No wonder so many people from across North America come to Mexico for different dental procedures and save thousands of dollars.

Los Algodones is a Convenient Dental Destination

This Mexican border town is perhaps the most convenient dental tourist destination for Americans and even Canadians. Americans can drive or fly to Yuma, Arizona and from there it is just a 10-mile drive to the border. You can even park your car there overnight for around $16 per night, and just walk across the border. Canadians can come to Arizona and drive to the border or fly directly to Mexico. In any case, will save plenty of money on your dental work. The price difference will easily cover the cost of travel and accommodation.


Save Thousands of Dollars

For dental work such as crown implant and replacement, Molar City offers a slew of top-notch dental facilities providing high quality services at ridiculously low costs. The dental crown prices in Los Algodones are USD $500 / CAD $662 per crown. In the US and Canada you would have to pay USD $1,164 and CAD $1,541 for every dental crown.


Top clinics in Molar City offering the best of cost and quality include:

Rest assured that every clinic on our listing has passed a strict screening process. So long as you stick to our clinics, the savings will not mean lower quality.


High Quality Crowns

As you can see, you can easily save up to 50% of the actual cost. That may have led you to believe that the quality of treatment might be low or they must have substandard procedures and clinics. Thankfully, that is not true at all. The fact of the matter is clinics in Mexico have much lower operating costs. This enables them to offer affordable dental crowns among other dental treatments.


With no red tape issues that first-world businesses face, dental clinics in Algodones can keep prices low while offering quality dentistry. Dentists there can invest in state-of-the-art dental equipment and hire the best clinical resources.


Types of Dental Crowns You Can Choose From

You need to understand different varieties of crowns and materials you can choose from. Discuss the pros and cons of each material and see which one will suit you best. Your dentist is the only one who will be able to accurately guide you.


  • Full Porcelain and Ceramic – The least durable type of dental crowns, these have a natural appearance with a nominal price.


  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) – These crowns are durable and most affordable of the three types, but they lack cosmetic appeal.


  • Zirconia – The most expensive type of the lot, crowns comprising of Zirconia are the most durable and look great as well. But since the cost of the procedure is low and that you will save a decent amount of cash, you can go for this material.


So there you go – the top reasons why it is wise to get crowns in Algodones. Feel free to read more about the top clinics mentioned above. You can always call our customer support if you have any questions and can book an appointment through us.


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