Top 10 dentists in Molar City for International Patients

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Top 10 dentists in Molar City for International Patients

Molar City is located on the American-Mexican border, just south of California, and is rapidly becoming known as a popular dental tourism destination for American and Canadian tourists. If you are looking for the best and most impartial recommendations for clinics in the region, here is our guide to the Top 10 Dentists in Molar City, Mexico.


#1 Sani Dental Group


In operation for over 30 years, the Sani Dental Group is one of the most reputable dental clinics in Molar City, known for having several highly-trained staff thatperformsm the most innovative treatments. With an onsite lab and much more, this is a famous dental clinic in Molar City.


#2 - Sani Dental Group – Platinum


The Sani Dental Group – Platinum clinic offers one of the bets dental options in Molar City for international patients from across America, Canada and Europe. Known for their prestige, when we talk about the Top 10 Dentists in Molar City, this has to be right up there.


#3 - Simply Dental


This modern and stylish clinic is known for its high-end treatments and affordable prices. Offering a wide range of treatments in an ultra-modern environment, you really are in the hands of specialists at Simply Dental.


#4 - CIRO Dental


The CIRO Dental clinic is a relatively new establishment but has garnered a fantastic reputation for dealing with international patients and offering affordable prices. When you need a modern and friendly clinic to get the job done in Molar City, accept no second-rate substitutes.


#5 - Supreme Dental Clinic


The Supreme Dental clinic has long been popular with international patients and has some of the most customer-focused services in the region. If you are looking for a reliable clinic that specializes in dental implants and reconstruction, this is the one for you.


#6 - Castle Dental Clinic


Located right next to the Mexican-American border, the Castle Dental Clinic specializes in dental implantology and is a popular clinic for international patients and a firm favorite on those Top 10 Dentists in Molar City list.


#7 - Dr. Sonia Edeza Morales


When you are looking for a dental establishment that offer high-end treatments for affordable prices in a friendly and comfortable environment, Dr. Sonia Edeza Morales has one of the most respected clinics in Molar City.


#8 - Alberta Dental Clinic


As the name might suggest, the Alberta Dental Clinic focusses heavily on foreign patients from Canada and America. They specialize in gum disease, implants and all manner of cosmetic dental treatments.


#9 - Confident Smile Studio


This is a very professional clinic in Molar City that has many specialists on hand to deal with all manner of cosmetic, general and reconstructive dental treatments for international clientele.


#10 Best Dentist Mexico


The Best Dentist Mexico Clinic has a great reputation for being, as the name suggests. One of the best in the city for a wide range of dental treatments.


Please take your time to study our list for the Top-10 dentists in Molar City for American and Canadian patients who seek a bargain.


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