The Smart Way to Find the Right Molar City Dental Clinic for Implants

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Los Algodones, popularly known as  Molar City, has made quite a name in the dental tourism industry because of its world-class clinics, which offer a full range of dental treatments at the most affordable prices. It’s possibly the most convenient dental tourist destination for Americans and even Canadians. Just 10 miles west of Yuma, Arizona, this border town is home to 300+ clinics and 900+ dentists. You can simply drive across the border or park your car overnight for a small fee of USD $16 and walk across. Some clinics also offer a shuttle service to and from the Border.

Sani Platinum Dental Chair

With the help of Dental Departures you can easily find a suitable dentist among the many first-rate dentists in Molar City, many of whom have undergone at least some of their training in America. In Los Algodones, implants also cost considerably less than they do at home.  So, here’s the smart way to find the right clinic.

Only Consider Clinics Listed at a Reliable Source

You’re already here, so you should remember to stick to the clinics listed on this portal. Our screening process ensures only the most reliable and capable dental clinics in Molar City are added to our database. Read up, and you will find the clinic history, the technology they use, details about their panel of dentists, their credentials, and also the prices for all the treatments that a particular clinic offers.

Don’t Get Hung Up on Price Differences Among Algodones’ Clinics

On average, dental implants in the US and Canada cost USD $3,913 and CAD $5,040 respectively, which is a substantial amount. In contrast, you would only have to pay USD $1,250 / CAD $1,610 to get your implants in Los Algodones. Here are the starting prices for dental implants at 3 of the best clinics:

If you book with us, you’ll save so much compared to the prices at home that you can focus on other factors, like which dentist you feel more comfortable with, or which one was available according to your schedule.

Read Reviews and Talk to Past Patients

Listening to what previous patients have to say about a clinic is very helpful in judging that clinic. They can provide you with an invaluable insight into what it is like to get a dental implant at a certain clinic. If you want, we can connect you to some of the past patients at a clinic you’re considering on our portal.

So, these are some of the guidelines you can use to find the right clinic in Molar City. Feel free to read more about the clinics listed above, or get in touch with our Customer Care Team who can help you plan your dental trip to Los Algodones for dental implants.

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