The Low-Down on Dentists in Mexico

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The dental industry in Mexico has significantly blossomed over the past ten to twenty years. So many international travelers come to the city of Los Algodones from the US and Canada because of the vast difference in price and same quality of care. The Mexican border town Molar City is a haven for dental tourists from across North America. Mexico dentists strike two sticks with one rock, offering the best combination of cost and quality.

Los Algodones has also cemented its name as the ‘dental capital of the world’. Also referred to as Molar City, Los Algodones is home to over 300 dental clinics run by professional and highly trained dental specialists. There are over 900 total dentists operating across the city. Some of the best clinics provide ridiculously low prices for state-of-the-art treatments. So now you know what is Molar City. As for where is Molar City, it is just ten miles from Yuma in Arizona, USA.


Dentist there are able to keep prices low mainly thanks to the lower operational costs and cost of materials. The lack of bureaucratic red tape troubling US and Canadian dentists also helps. Dentists in Molar City have studied and trained in some of the best places throughout the globe, which enables them to offer first-rate dental treatment at amazing prices.


The Low Down on Los Algodones Dentists

Sure, there are plenty of dental clinics in Molar City. So a good idea is to read up on some top-notch clinics that you must consider. Four of the best clinics offering affordable and quality dental care across the US-Mexico border are Alberta Dental, CIRO Dental, Castle Dental and Sani Dental Group. Let us take a closer look at these.


Alberta Dental

Popular for high quality care and comfort, the clinic prides itself for offering affordable cosmetic dental surgeries, crown treatments and dental implants. The sole aim of the brilliant team of dentists and dental assistants at Alberta is to provide topnotch patient care at a price that will enable to you get treatment done for multiple family members. Along with general dental procedures, the clinic is famous for its innovative restorative methodologies and cosmetic oral care. 

CIRO Dental

Sitting in a close proximity to Los Algodones, which means it is nearer to the US-Mexico border, CIRO offers remarkably topnotch dental services at prices that will enable you to save up to 70% of the cost you would normally have to bear back home. Moreover, the top dentists at the clinic have graduated from distinguished international universities, making them some of the best in the country.

Castle Dental

Owned and operated by the popular Smile Brands Group Inc., which is also present in the US, running for about twenty years now, Castle Dental was established in 1998. The clinic is highly reputed and recognized throughout Mexico, specifically Molar City. The treatments along with the level of patient care and equipment at Castle has set a benchmark for a many clinics in Mexico.


Sani Dental Group – Platinum

This clinic is a technologically advanced and innovative clinic offering a slew of quality dental treatments and solutions. Run by the Sani Dental Group, the clinic offers first-rate services at astonishingly low prices. For example, if you opt for a root canal, you may save up to 70% of the cost you would have to pay back home. And for an all-on-4 treatment, you can save up to 50% which can translate to over ten thousand dollars.

Go ahead and learn more about these Mexico dentists and reputed clinics as you you’re your dental holiday. Check out the photos, including before and after shots, and read patient testimonials.

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