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CIRO Dental Offers You The Best Dental Treatments at the Lowest Prices

Want to get a root canal or implants without spending a fortune? Head to Los Algodones in Mexico. The ‘dental capital of the world’ is the frontier for dental tourism especially for Americans and Canadians who swarm this city every year seeking affordable dental care. If you are looking for a good clinic in Algodones, CIRO Dental is a fine choice, offering you the best dental treatments in Molar City at the most attractive prices. Continue reading to learn more about the clinic, its procedures, and prices.

About CIRO Dental Clinic

The clinic is located on 233 Ave. A in Los Algodones, also known as Molar City. The location of the clinic is convenient for patients from both the US and Canada. In addition, the clinic is in close proximity to pharmacies and other shops as well.

With five years in business, CIRO Dental is a relatively new clinic in Molar City. However, it is a thoroughly modern facility with the best equipment and diagnostic machinery. The clinic offers a wide range of services, covering everything from general procedures to specialized treatments. Examples include fillings, extractions, root canal, dentures, and implants.

Hygiene protocols are strictly implemented to maintain a safe environment for patients. The clinic uses steam autoclaving for sterilization of equipment. The clinic places a premium on the comfort of its patients, before, during and after their procedures. One example is the use of sedation for nervous patients. Due to its stellar quality of services, the clinic offers guarantees on their services.

Dentists at Ciro Clinic

Dr. Marcela G Ibarra L is one of the leading dentists in Molar City, and she has completed certification in Maxillary Ortopedia from the Universidad Autonoma de Sinalao.

Dr. Dimas Rodrigez Oviedo has a master’s degree in endodontics from the Universidad Autonoma Sa Luis Potosi. He has undergone further training in implants (All-on-Four) at the Biocre Training Institute in the US.

Dr. Irma Adriana Balderas Romo is a graduate of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma and specializes in general anesthesia and sedation.

All these dentists as well as the clinic staff speak both English and Spanish. Thus, you will find it easy to discuss all your concerns with them during your consultation. Clarity of communication goes a long way in the success of any dental procedure.

Prices at CIRO Dental Clinic

In Algodones, dental prices are generally low. Dental tourists can potentially save up to 75% on any major dental procedure in Molar City. How much you can save at this clinic? Let’s look at a few examples in this regard.

The average cost of All-on-Four (with fixed acrylic bridge) costs USD $20,533 and CAD $27,715 respectively in the US and Canada, but at this clinic, you can get this procedure for as low as USD $9,000 and CAD $12,148. This saves you 55% over your local prices.

Likewise, the average cost of a root canal treatment (with post/core and standard crown) is USD $2,200 and CAD $2,969. However, you can get the same procedure at this clinic for USD $460 and CAD $621. So you are getting a discount of 80%.

You are saving thousands of dollars, even after factoring in travel expenses on high-quality dental services. Prices for dental work are lower in Mexico as compared to the countries just mentioned because it is cheaper to run a dental practice in this country. Real estate prices are also lower and so are the living expenses. All this reflects the final prices charged to patients.

However, the quality of services is the same, provided that you have selected a reliable clinic like CIRO, which is where booking through Molar City Algodones can help. We have hand-picked the best clinics in town, so you know you will receive reliable care.

Affordability and Convenience at its Best

Affordability is the main reason why people travel to Mexico for dental work. But it is not the only reason. The location of this clinic is also convenient, which makes travel both economical and comfortable. You will also find this clinic to be more prompt than clinics back home, and booking appointments doesn’t take as much time as in your city. There are also plenty of pharmacies, opticians, shops etc. in the vicinity so you can make the most of your short visit to Algodones. CIRO is especially an excellent clinic for older citizens who settle in nearby towns in Arizona and California during the winter.

Finally, and most importantly, your trip to the clinic will be made easier thanks to the following free services:

  • Initial consultation
  • Local anesthesia
  • Parking
  • Border Shuttle
  • Wi-Fi

All this will enhance your experience as a dental tourism in Los Algodones. So think about setting an appointment at CIRO Dental for a free consultation.

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