Should You Get Implants in Los Algodones?

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Many Americans and Canadians travel to Los Algodones for dental care to get much more affordable treatments. However, you might be apprehensive about traveling across the border for a procedure such as dental implants. In Molar City, implants are reliable and affordable so you should consider traveling to save money due to the low cost of living for the following reasons.


Excellent Treatment


One reason you should get dental implants in Los Algodones is the high quality of treatment available there. Los Algodones is a dental tourism hub with over 300 dental clinics, so the standard of care is very high.


Experienced Dentists


In Molar City, dentists have years of experience and operate some of the most popular dental clinics in North America. Many of these dentists studied abroad and returned to Mexico to practice dentistry so they are familiar with international dentistry best practices and adhere to them strictly. Since these dentists offer inexpensive dental implants they are very experienced and specialized. They are assisted by well-trained staff, many of whom speak English fluently.


State-of-the-Art Clinics


The dental clinics are able to invest in state-of-the-art dental equipment and technology. Here are some popular clinics you should consider in Los Algodones for dental implants:



More Affordable Dental Care


In Molar City, dentists are famous for providing low-cost dental work but it is best to get an idea of how much money you will save before you travel. This is especially true for dental implants as this procedure requires 2 visits 3 to 6 months apart. Here is a price comparison to help you make an informed decision:


Dental Implants

  • US: USD 3,900
  • Canada: CAD 5,000
  • Molar City: USD 1,250 / CAD 1,700

As you can see, cheap dental implants in Mexico 65% less of what you would pay at home.


Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.


Dental Implant Procedure


In Los Algodones, dental implants are available but do require 2 sessions. On the first trip to Molar City, the dentist will install the titanium implant. Only when that has healed completely, normally after 3 to 6 months, will the crown be attached. Then the procedure is finished and permanent, as long as you follow normal dental hygiene procedures.


Getting Started


Dental implants are inexpensive and high-quality in Los Algodones. Learn more about scheduling an appointment by getting in touch with our customer support or book online at no extra charge.





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