Save 5% on Any Dental Treatment This Halloween!

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Save 5% on Any Dental Treatment This Halloween!

Prices a Treat, Quality Never a Trick

While Los Algodones dentists attract American and Canadians all year round, special occasions drive even more people to Molar City. With Halloween coming up, you have a chance to take advantage of the amazing Molar City Halloween promotion. You can book any treatment with Molar City Algodones over Halloween and save an additional 5% off! This is an amazing offer since you already save a lot of money on dental treatments by traveling to Molar City. Now you can add a few extra thousand dollars to your savings!


You can opt for a range of dental procedures in Molar City to save money without compromising on quality. Let’s look at the cost comparison of two popular and expensive dental treatments, and then see how much more you can save with Molar City’s Halloween promotion.


Get an All-on-Four in Molar City


This is one of the most expensive dental procedures out there.


Price of All-on-four in the US: USD $34,417

Price of All-on-four in Canada: CAD $45,582

Price of All-on-four in Molar City: USD $9,817 / CAD $12,694


So you can save USD $24,600 / CAD $33,000. Now add a 5% discount on top of this and you’ll save another couple of thousand dollars just like that!


Get Dental Implants in Molar City


Here’s a cost comparison for dental implants:


Price of Dental Implant in the US: USD $3,913

Price of Dental Implant in Canada: CAD $5,026

Price of Dental Implant in Molar City: USD $1,250 / CAD $1,578


So you can save USD $2,600 / CAD $3,500 per implant by traveling to Molar City, and get an additional 5% if you book over Halloween.


A Treat for Your Teeth, and Pocket


So, while Molar City’s Halloween promotion totally rocks, it doesn’t force you to compromise on quality. Dental tourism is about balancing cost and quality. Some people would have you doubt the quality of foreign dental clinics. Rest assured that Los Algodones didn’t earn the name “Molar City” because of poor dental services. On the contrary, you get the best combination of low cost and high quality. There are plenty of world-class dental clinics in Algodones and you easily find them (more on that later).


Even the top clinics in Molar City are able to offer amazing prices and seasonal discounts because of 3 main reasons (questionable quality isn’t one of them):


  1. Setting up and operating a clinic in Mexico require a lot less money than it does in the US and Canada.
  2. Living expenses in Mexico are lower than in the US and Canada. So even the top dentists in Molar City don’t have to charge sky-high prices to earn a good income.
  3. Since Molar City is a dental tourism hotspot, there’s always a healthy competition among the clinics.


There’s no funny business. As long as you find the right clinic that is.


Find the Best Molar City Dentist this Halloween


The idea of finding a reliable clinic across the border might seem a little difficult at first. The inherent cost savings and the additional 5% Molar City’s Halloween promotion are all great. But they won’t mean anything if you don’t find the right clinic.


Medical Departures simplifies the process of choosing the right clinic. This is the ultimate dental tourism portal that pools all the relevant and reliable information about the best clinics in one place. You can view clinic listings across the top dental tourism destinations in the world. So you have a direct line, so to speak, to Molar City’s top dental clinics.


Clinic descriptions, patient reviews, prices, photos & virtual tours – feel free to review all the information. The clinics and their information is added by Medical Departures after a thorough background-checking process.


So whether you’re thinking about getting an All-on-Four in Molar City or considering

dental implants, in Molar City you can easily find the winning combination of unbeatable prices and first-class dentists.


Just Over the Border…


The easiest way to reach Molar City from the US is via the Interstate 8, along State Route 186/Andrade Road to the US-Mexico border at Andrade, California. From there you can either drive across the border, or park your car (overnight charges USD $16) and walk over.


Ever since the 1980s, the virtual explosion of dental clinics largely displaced the restaurants in the area. However, there are still numerous restaurants and shops that cater to the ever-growing traffic of dental tourists. Molar City capitalizes on this market with frequent “fiestas”. The Halloween promotion by Molar City is a perfect example of how the city never loses an opportunity to offer the best prices.


Don’t let the sky-high prices of your local dentists scare you this Halloween! Book any treatment with Molar City Algodones over Halloween and save an additional 5% off! Make the most of this amazing Molar City Halloween promotion. Choose a clinic at Molar City and get going!

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