Reasons Why Many People from the US and Canada Go to Los Algodones for Dental Work

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The cost of dental work in the US and Canada are just shooting through the roof. Many low-income families and individuals now find it extremely difficult to keep with the expenses associated with quality dental treatments, such as dental implants. However, thousands of Americans and Canadian now go for low dental implant prices in Molar City.

There is a good reason why dental procedures are so affordable in the small border city in Mexico. The fact is there are no red tape government policies that dictate dental facilities in Los Algodones. With administrative and operational expenses low, the best dental clinics in Molar City provide outstanding services at ridiculously low prices. Moreover, they re-invest the money they save in state-of-the-art medical and dental equipment and technologies. This translates to exceptional and safe procedures.


Moreover, with the low cost of living in Los Algodones, dentists can hire competent human resources at lower rates, further driving the cost of teeth whitening in Algodones down. Therefore, it is important to understand that you should not worry about compromising your health to save money. This is the real reason why dentistry is affordable in Molar City, and why many people from across the world travel there for dental work.


People also refer to Los Algodones as Molar City, and for good reason. The place is home to over 300 different dental facilities and close to 1,000 qualified dentists. This factor makes the city one of the top dental tourism destinations in the world.


Where is Los Algodones?

A 10-mile drive can get you to Molar City from Yuma, Arizona. While Americans can drive to the destination or catch a local flight to Arizona, Canadians can take a flight to Mexico. It does not matter what means of transportation you choose. With the savings guaranteed on your dental implants, you will have enough to pay comfortably for your travelling and accommodation expenses.


How Much Money Can You Save in Los Algodones?

Regardless of whether you go for dental crowns or teeth whitening in Algodones, you will still manage to save money. Moreover, the dental implant prices in Molar City are low as well. Here is a brief comparison of what dentists in the US and Canada charge for dental implants vs. what you will pay in Los Algodones:


  • Price in the US: USD $3,900
  • Price in Canada: CAD $5,000
  • Price in Los Algodones: USD $1,250 / CAD $1,600


A Good Selection of Some of the Best Dental Facilities in Molar City

With the main reason why people come to Molar City is lower prices for dental crowns and other treatments, it is equally important to consider top-notch dental facilities for your treatment. You should go for clinics that reflect your standards and level of comfort. In light of this, mentioned below are four of the best dental clinics in Molar City:



All four of these reputed dental clinics feature modern and innovative technologies. They have a roster of some of the best dentists in Mexico. In addition, most dentists you will find here received their training abroad and have international academic background. Moreover, many of the staff as well as the dentists speak English fluently to make things more hassle-free. In other words, you will not have to compromise on quality or any other factor in a bid to save money on dental work.


For more information on dental implant prices in Molar City and how you can easily schedule an appointment or compare prices with other dental clinics, feel free to reach our customer support.

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