Reasons to Get Dental Implants in Molar City

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Dental implants are expensive in the US and Canada where a single implant can set you back thousands of dollars. As such, people who need this treatment are unable to afford it, but if you should check out the low dental implant prices in Molar City you might be surprised with the low cost of dentistry there. Across the border the prices are low and people often assume that the quality of treatment is not up to par. Thankfully dental care is affordable in Molar City and world-class.


Lower Operating Costs

Many people fail to understand how the best dental clinics in Molar City can offer low-cost treatment. The main reason is the low cost of living in Mexico, which the clinics pass on to their patients.


As a result, dental procedures are more than 60% less than the cost in the west, as shown in the comparison below:


All-on-4 Implants

  • US:            USD 26,000
  • Canada:    CAD 34,400
  • Molar City: USD 10,000
  •                   CAD 13,000                  

Dental Implants

  • US:            USD 3,900
  • Canada:    CAD 5,000
  • Molar City: USD 1,250
  •                   CAD 1,700


Recommended Clinics

The following clinics have been recommended highly by past patients:



How Do Clinics Keep Their Operating Costs Low?

The clinics keep their operating costs low by accessing the low cost of living in Mexico. They hire their staff locally and these local staff are experts with the required skillset and expertise, yet their salaries are low. Rent, bills, and many more items are inexpensive, so clinics can pass on savings to patients.


Getting Started

The dental implant prices for high-quality care are low in Molar City. Book an appointment with the Molar City Algodones customer care team or book online at no extra charge.




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