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Even though dental implant prices in Los Algodones are much lower than in the US and Canada, many people are not comfortable about traveling there for dental work as they believe that the travel will make any savings on the dental costs obsolete. In reality, you can save money even after factoring in the cost of traveling to Los Algodones from anywhere North of the border. Here is a brief guide to planning a successful and economically worthwhile dental trip across the border:


Select an Affordable Clinic


The first thing you need to do when you plan to get treatment in Molar City is to select an inexpensive and high-quality dental clinic. Excellent treatment at a reasonable price is available, and you should select a clinic that has been recommended by past patients, such as:


  • Supreme Dental is situated adjacent to Mexico-US border so if you do not want to travel further into the city, this is the perfect clinic for you. The best part is that this clinic accepts American insurance.
  • Alberta Dental has been in business for over five years and is famous for providing excellent care from its professional and friendly staff.
  • Confident Smile Studio is a small clinic that features state-of-the-art dental equipment and technology.
  • Best Dentist Mexico is just a few minutes from the border so you can get your procedure and be on your way in no time.


How Much Can You Save?


Even though dental implant prices in Molar City are inexpensive it is worth researching the different clinics so you have a good understanding of the prices available. This summary provides information on general pricing:


Dental Implants

  • US: USD 3,900
  • Canada: CAD 5,000
  • Molar City: USD 1,250 / CAD 1,700

Dental Crowns

  • US: USD 1,500
  • Canada: CAD 1,887
  • Molar City: USD 500 / CAD 629

On average, treatments such as dental crowns and implants are 50% less in Molar City than in the US and Canada and many people combine procedures to reduce the impact of travel costs on a single trip. You can also team up with a friend or family member who needs treatment to split the trip costs and save more money. For example, treatments with no downtime such as teeth whitening can be added in Los Algodones.


How to Get There


Traveling to Molar City is easy and there are a number of ways to get there. Many fly to Yuma, Arizona, and drive across the border in a rented car or take a shuttle across. If you live nearby you can park your car safely overnight at the border for $16.


Once you are in the city, you will find many accommodation options, or you can book online in advance on the many hotel sites that are available. It is best to find lodging near your chosen dental clinics to save on travel times and costs.


Getting Started

Dental care is affordable and high-quality in Molar City. Feel free to contact our customer support or book online at no extra charge.





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