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The dental industry in Mexico has significantly blossomed over the past ten to twenty years. So many international travelers come to the city of Los Algodones from the US and Canada because of the vast difference in price and same quality of care. The Mexican border town Molar City is a haven for dental tourists…

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If you talk about quality, comfort and affordability regarding dental crowns, crowns in Algodones are the ideal option. Forget about Medicaid helping you out to cover the costs of the procedure in the US. The same goes for Canadians too; both the US and Canada have some of the highest dental rates throughout the globe….

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If you are looking to get dental implants and are having a hard time putting a budget together in the US, do not worry. A lot of Americans and Canadians are discovering Mexico’s affordable and high quality dental treatment. In Los Algodones dental implants are a much more cost-effective and reliable option compared to what…

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Americans and Canadians have a hard time finding affordable dental care locally. You may come across a list of dentists offering a wide range of treatments, but there is a good chance none of them suit your budget. So, what is the solution? Travelling across the border to Los Algodones might prove a suitable alternative….

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Dental care is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Mexico. And yet, the quality of dental work in Mexico and the prices Mexican dentists charge are too good to turn down. In Mexico, dentists follow a high standard of care and treatment, offering a wide range of treatments….

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Did you know that crowns in Algodones cost less than 20% of the amount you may end up spending on the treatment back home? Los Algodones, known also as Molar City, is a Mexican border town, offering world-class dental facilities that provide a wide range of treatments. Thousands of Americans and Canadians travel to Algodones…

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Are you seeking affordable implants? Or perhaps your dentist recommends that you receive crowns? The high and ever-rising costs of dental work in the US and Canada keep many people from getting the dental treatment they need. Travelling to Los Algodones, known also as Molar City, in Mexico offers the perfect solution. On average, you…