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Dental implant prices in Mexico are more affordable than clinics north of the border, but despite thousands of successful visits every week, you may still be skeptical about the quality of dental care there. The dentists in Los Algodones are some of the best in Mexico and they offer their services at a fraction of the price charged in the US and Canada. Therefore, it is important to address any concerns you have about dental care in Molar City, and explain why you should make a visit.


How Much Can You Save?


  • US: USD 3,900
  • Canada: CAD 5,000
  • Molar City: USD 1,250 / CAD 1,700


Reputable Clinics

The best dental clinics in Molar City are internationally recognized for their quality, and many clinics in Los Algodones are connected to clinics in the US. These clinics offer world-class dentistry from highly qualified and experienced dentists.


Molar City Algodones carries out stringent checks to ensure the quality of care. We verify the doctor’s qualifications, check legal documents, and even make an on-site visit to check that international hygiene standards are enforced.


The following clinics have been highly recommended by past patients:



World-Class Materials

When opting for treatments, such as implants and dental crowns, it is important to consider the quality of the materials the dentists use. There is almost no difference between dental clinics back home and clinics in Molar City. The clinics in Mexico save money in other ways, such as lower staff costs caused by the low cost of living.


Experienced and Highly Qualified Dentists

Some of the best dentists in the region operate in Los Algodones, with many of them having studied abroad and later returned to practice. As such, they are aware of the international standards and operate the clinics in accordance with these standards. This is one of the main reasons people trust dentists in Los Algodones.


Getting Started

Dental implant prices in Molar City are low yet the quality of treatment is high, and the hygiene standards are exemplary. Set up an appointment with a dentist online at Molar City Algodones or contact the Customer Care Team for more details.

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