Need Dental Crowns? Head to Algodones!

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When you talk about dental crowns, Los Algodones houses more than 300 dental clinics. A hot spot for dental tourism, the town provides top-of-the-line dental care with state-of-the-art technology and experienced dentists. Also known as Molar City, Los Algodones is border city that is easily accessible especially if you are travelling from the US or Canada. It has become a hub for North Americans that are looking for affordable dental care. Crowns in Algodones are also ridiculously cheap, with prices lower than developed countries such as Canada and the US.

There is an influx of thousands of people from different parts of North America. And apart from the low cost of dental crown in Mexico, Molar City serves as a nice place for a weekend getaway. You can always enjoy the fiestas that happen all year around. Also remember to hit the local low-cost pharmacies and stock up on your medications.

The Savings

So what are the dental crown prices in Los Algodones? That is a good question. It is important to understand the pricing so that you can compare them to your local clinic. The average price of dental crown in Molar City in the US and Canada are USD $1,162 and CAD $1,541. The same procedure in Molar City will cost you USD $500 and CAD $662. Despite the massive dip in prices, you will never have to worry about compromising your health just to save a few dollars. The primary reason why Los Algodones dentists can operate on such prices and with high quality equipment and superior customer care is because running a dental clinic costs a lot less than it does in the US or Canada. The lack of bureaucratic red also keeps prices lo.


With fewer regulations to attract more tourists from different regions in North America, dentists in Molar City have it real good. The friendly competition and no monopolization in pricing enable them to operate with lower costs. They also enjoy low labor costs and administrative expenses. And that allows even top dentists to offer premium dental care for a fraction of what your local pricey dentist every could.


You can save up to 50% of the actual cost, which is can easily cover your traveling cost to Molar City regardless whether you are flying in or coming by car. If you are travelling by car, you can park it overnight at the border for just $16 per night. 


Types of Dental Crowns

The price of dental crowns will also vary in terms of the material you choose and the scope of the procedure. For example, you can go for full ceramic/porcelain, which is not that durable but is designed to look more natural. Then you have PFM (porcelain-fused-to-metal), which are highly durable and affordable but do not have a natural appearance. Zirconia crowns are much more expensive and durable. Their only downside is price so you can get these in Mexico for much less.


Part of getting affordable yet quality crown implant in Los Algodones is selecting the best dental clinic. In light of this, here are three of the most reputed establishments you should consider:



Feel free to learn more about the clinics listed above. Read their descriptions, look at photos and compare prices. Heading to any of these gives you the best chance to get quality crowns in Algodones. Moreover, to make your journey even more worthwhile, schedule an appointment the right clinic through Molar City Algodones. We connect you to pre-screened dental clinics in Molar City so you do not have to worry about quality.

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