Myths Surrounding Dentistry in Mexico

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In Mexico, dentists are highly qualified and experienced yet they offer dentistry at affordable prices. Many are still skeptical about the quality of care as they believe that low-cost means low-quality. Myths and fables come to life, and as a result, some are so apprehensive they miss out on big savings in places like Molar City. Here is the truth to counteract these myths so you don’t miss out on dental work in Mexico:


“Dentists Lack Experience”

It is claimed that Mexican dentists lack qualifications and experience but if you check Molar City Algodones carefully you can see that dentists south of the border have the qualifications and time served to rival those in the US and Canada. Many received at least some of their education abroad and are aware of international standards.


As a result, dentists in Molar City operate in world-class clinics with international standards on hygiene. The following clinics are popular and have been recommended highly by past patients:



“Dentists Overcharge for Treatment”

Another myth about dentists in Molar City is that the best dentists overcharge for the services and only low-quality providers offer affordable prices. This is untrue, as shown by the patient reviews on the website.


Prices may vary slightly, but on average, you will save over 60% as shown in the brief price comparison on dental implants. In the US it costs USD 3,900 and in Canada it costs CAD 5,000. If you undergo the treatment in Los Algodones, you will only have to spend USD 1,250 / CAD 1,700.


“Traveling to Molar City is a Challenge”

Traveling to Molar City is more difficult than going to your local clinic but it is not overly complicated. Molar City is just a few minutes’ drive from the border and is a safe town for tourists. Patients either drive to the border, where parking is available for $16, or travel by air to the town of Yuma, in Arizona, and rent a car there in which to travel over the border.


Getting Started


Molar City is as good as you have heard, even though the prices are low. Book an appointment today online or contact the customer care team for more information.

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