Myths About Mexico Dentists You Should Not Believe

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In Mexico dentists offer such inexpensive dental services that people sometimes wonder what the catch is. Lower prices mean lower quality, right? Not necessarily. Numerous people from across the US and Canada, and even beyond, travel to Mexico for dental work. Many more would do so if they did not fall for some myths about dentists in Mexico. Let us shed some light over these misconceptions.

Mexico’s Dentists Are Not as Good as US and Canadian Dentists”

Mexico has its fair share of first-rate dentists. In addition to attending reputable institutions in Mexico, many have received at least part of their training in the US, Canada and other first world countries.


“They Work at Sub-Par Clinics”

The best clinics in Mexico are modern, well-equipped and well-maintained dental facilities. And the most renowned dentists in the country work at such places. Reputable clinics adhere to international standards on health, safety and sterilization. Despite cutting-edge dental technology, their operating costs are lower. Hence the lower prices.


“They Do Not Speak English”

Not every Mexican dentist may speak English. And that’s alright because you will not be going to them. Mexico’s dentists who cater to international patients, mostly from the US and Canada, are well-versed in English. Otherwise they would not have a successful practice. You will be happy to see not only the dentists but many of the support staff speaking English. So you will no problem discussing your dental needs and solution.


“You Cannot Find the Best of Them”

Yes, finding a reliable clinic abroad does seem a little tricky, at least at first. Things become simple when you use a reliable source or dental tourism portal. If you are looking for recommendations, here are four of the top-rated dental clinics in Molar City:



What is Molar City? It is a Mexican border town, home to 300+ dental clinics offering affordable dental work. Wondering where is Molar City? It is located ten miles west of Yuma in Arizona, USA. For people in the US and Canada, dentists in Molar City are the best bet for getting affordable dental work done with minimal hassle.


The main reason people fall for the above myths is the lower prices Mexico’s dentists offer. For instance, a dental implant that costs on average USD $3,900 and CAD $5,150 in the US and Canada respectively will only cost around USD $1,250 / CAD $1,650 in Molar City. And a dental crown that goes for about USD $1,164 / CAD $1,541 in the US and Canada, you can get for just USD $500 / CAD $662 in Molar City. Mexico’s lower operating costs helps even the best dentists offer inexpensive dental solutions.


So, now you know in Mexico dentists are competent, speak English, work at world-class clinics and not too hard to find. Feel free to learn more about the clinics listed above as you plan your dental trip to Molar City.

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