Myths about Dentistry in Mexico

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Dentists in Mexico provide excellent dental care but some people miss out as they believe myths about their reliability. A place that could save Americans and Canadians money is Molar City, which is the name given to the Mexican town Los Algodones. Molar City, named due to the proliferation of dental clinics there, is a border town that is easily accessible via road or air. Here are some myths stopping people from saving money on dental care in Mexico:


“Dentists in Mexico Use Cheap Materials”

Dentists in Molar City keep their prices low but do not do so by using substandard quality materials. Fillings, crowns, and veneers use the same high-quality materials. We have checked the clinics ourselves and can ensure that the materials are the same. Also, with thousands of satisfied past patients, it is clear that the materials are excellent.


“The Clinics are Badly Equipped”

The dentists in Molar City operate their clinics in accordance with international standards and as such, they are equipped with the latest technology. With lower rents and installation costs, dentists in Mexico can afford the best facilities. The hygiene at these clinics is impeccable, and you can compare them to a high-end clinic in the US or Canada.


The following clinics in Los Algodones have been highly recommended by past patients:



“The Dentists Lack Experience”

Dentists in Mexico operate to international standards as many of the dentists studied abroad and later returned to Mexico to practice. Due to the number of tourists wanting the same treatments, such as dental implants, dentists in Molar City can become specialized. Therefore the care they provide is high-quality.


“Dentists Cut Corners to Save Money”

Dentists in Los Algodones have an international and local clientele, rely on referrals, and repeat clients so they would not jeopardize their reputation to save money. The reason that treatment is less expensive there is that the lower cost of living translates into lower salaries, rents, and other costs.


Getting Started

Molar City is easily accessible, affordable, and offers high-quality care. Contact the customer support team or arrange an appointment online with Molar City Algodones.


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