Myths About Dental Crowns You Should Know Before Getting them in Molar City

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There are a lot of myths floating around related to dental tourism. If you’re planning to get dental crowns in Molar City, make sure you know about some misconceptions about this dental solution.

“Dental Crowns Can Be Stained by Food and Drinks”

This is perhaps the most common of dental crown misconceptions. People think that over time their crowns will become yellow/stained because of food and beverages. A popular material used for dental crowns is porcelain, which is impervious to staining. So that’s why it’s important for the dentist to match the crowns to the shade of your teeth.

“Dental Crowns Look Fake”

This is one of the most common questions patients ask their dentists regarding crowns. It’s understandable too since they don’t want their teeth to look fake. The good news is that dental crowns don’t look fake. They look and function like your natural teeth. No one will know the difference.

“Dental Crowns Last Forever”

Dental crowns are durable and long-lasting, but they don’t last forever. Most crowns have a life of around 10 years. With proper care, it is also possible for the crowns to last over 30 years. In any case, don’t assume that the crowns will last forever especially without proper care.

“You Only Need Dental Crowns for Restorative Dentistry”

A lot of people assume that dental crowns only fall under the restorative dentistry category. Although crowns are an excellent solution for broken teeth, or for people who have had a root canal, they can also be used to enhance your beautiful smile.

“Dental Crowns Don’t Chip or Break”

Although porcelain is a very strong material and quite resistant to chipping or breaking, dental crowns are not immune to damage. For instance, if you bite down very hard on something or if you’re in an accident, a crown might break. Thankfully, in most cases, you can have the dental crowns repaired or replaced if something like that happens.

“It’s Very Difficult to Find a Great Clinic Abroad”

Thanks to Molar City Algodoness, this is not the case. This amazing dental tourism portal provides you reliable information about the top clinics in Molar City (and other destinations). You don’t have to rely just on the clinic websites. Here you can read patient reviews, look at photos and compare prices.

There are plenty of amazing dental clinics in Los Algodones such as Castle Dental and Supreme Dental. These clinics offer the best combination of cost and quality. Here’s a price comparison to give you a better idea of the best dentist prices Molar City has to offer:

Price of Dental Crowns in the US: USD $1,164

Price of Dental Crowns in Canada: CAD $1,483

Price of Dental Crowns in Molar City: USD $500 / CAD $631

Don’t let any of these myths about dental crowns keep you from getting high quality dental crowns in Molar City. Go ahead and contact the clinics mentioned above, get a consultation and plan your trip to Molar City.

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