Myths About Dental Clinics in Molar City

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Thinking about visiting one of the affordable dental clinics in Molar City? After all, it is the cheapest alternative in North America. Many people planning a dental holiday to Mexico are stumped by myths and half-truths. Let us shed a light on some of these misconceptions about dental clinics in Molar City.


Molar City Dentists Are Less Competent than US or Canadian Dentists”

The fact is that there is no shortage of world-class dentists in Molar City. Many of the almost thousand dentists in Algodones have received at least part of their training in the US or another first-world country. Mexico is also home to some superb dental colleges so the best home-trained dentists are second to none.


“Clinics in Molar City Are Not as Well-Equipped or Maintained”

While there may be some clinics that are not up to the mark, Molar City has plenty of well-equipped dental clinics. The best clinics meet international health, safety and sterilization protocols. Even with the latest dental technology and equipment, it costs much less to run a dental clinic in Molar City than any city in the US or Canada. So the cheap dental implants do not mean you are trading dollars for health.

Supreme Dental Chair

“Language Will Be a Problem”

Since clinics in Molar City are geared towards patients from across the border, language will not be an issue. You will be happy to see English-speaking dentists and support staff at the affordable dental clinic in Molar City you are visiting. You can easily discuss your needs and dental treatment without any problem.

“It is Virtually Impossible to Find a Reliable Clinic”

The thought of finding a good clinic abroad might seem a little difficult at first. But things become simpler if you choose from carefully-curated listings that conduct thorough background checks. This will help you easily find first-rate clinics such as Sani Dental Group, Supreme Dental and Castle Dental.

“It is Unsafe to Visit them”

Mexico, especially places like Molar City, is much safer than you may think. Consider the fact that the number of visitors to Mexico has been increasing. Moreover, Mexico’s economy is also strengthening. As for any violence in the country, it is mostly restricted to drug gangs, with tourists largely unaffected.


Choosing a dental destination close to home is always good idea. This makes Algodones the right place for Americans and Canadians. The huge price difference between Molar City dentists and the ones in US and Canada makes people fall for these myths. A dental implant that costs $3,900 in the US ($5,150 in Canada) is only around USD $1,250 / CAD $1,650 in Molar City. Now you know the real story behind the misconceptions. At the end of the day, it is about finding the right clinic to make the most of the risks and rewards of dental car in Algodones.



Feel free to read more about the affordable dental clinics in Molar City mentioned above. Compare prices, look at photos and read testimonials to better understand the best clinics in this popular Mexican border town.





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