Molar City dentists will change your dental life for the better

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It won’t be a surprise for us if you’ve long been coping with some dental problems, like tooth decay or difficulty in eating due to missing teeth. U.S citizens suffer problems when it comes to dental care services — prices are too much for anyone to afford. Even simple maintenance can drain your pocket dry. Dental work in Mexico will entail no such hardship. In fact, Molar City dentists will alleviate you of your affordability problems. From overpriced rates, to aching gums and bad-looking teeth, the dental work in Mexico will be the remedy that you need.

How will dental work in Mexico save me money?

There’s only one way to be sure—and that‘s by having your dental work in Los Algodones. Molar City has rates for you that are affordable and entirely accessible. Implant prices in Molar City are geared to save American patients thousands. Dental aesthetic enhancement is becoming more accessible! Here is a pre-view of dental work prices in Mexico!

ALL ON 4 $20,533.00 USA
Dental Crowns $1,600.00 USA
Dental Fillings $201.00 USA
Dental Implants $3,850.00 USA
Veneers $1,871.00 USA
Root Canal Molar $1,350.00 USA
Teeth Whitening $496.00 USA

Is there a convenient way for U.S citizens to reach Molar City?

When it comes to accessing Molar City, there’s nothing but convenience for U.S patients out there. Los Algodones is a brief drive from Calif. 186, south of the Algodones Road. When you reach Yuma Arizona, take the Andrade Exit then go 2 miles south. Just pass through the border and you’re in Molar City. Molar City Algodones also offers more comfort with our pick-up/drop off services by booking with us. We can also handle hotel bookings.

The Quechan Indian Nation operates a secure parking lot by the international border if you plan just a quick visit. Parking fees costs as little as $5 USD.

Molar City dentists at your service


Molar City Algodones has strong ties with the dentists and clinics above, as well as all the clinics and dentists found in our archive. The dentists here are guaranteed to be more than qualified and highly-knowledgeable in their own fields of specialty. Rest assured that you are safe and secure with the clinics that we recommend you.

Dental work in Mexico is the miracle cure when it comes to dealing with the United States’ current dental care situation. In Los Algodones, Molar City, U.S citizens will finally be able to have proper dental health maintenance, and to some extent, can see themselves enjoying a holiday with a little dental treat. Whiten your teeth, or have veneers—it’s all up to you. Book now with Molar City Algodones for a smoother, more convenient dental experience.

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