Molar City: Convenient, Affordable and Reliable Dental Destination in North America

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Due to the rising costs of dentistry in the US and Canada, many people are compelled to seek affordable and reliable treatment options across the border. The costs of dental work in first-world countries are consistently increasing, and there is no question they will keep on rising. The average person is finding it much more difficult to cope with day to day expenses, making mortgage payments and other miscellaneous payments. They do not want to spend through the roof paying for dental implants. The most efficient solution for Americans and Canadians is the lower dental implant prices in Molar City.

Los Algodones, which is also known as Molar City, has become one of the prime destinations for dental works in Mexico, attracting people from across North America and beyond. Home to more than 300 dental facilities, Molar City offers the best and most affordable prices along with state-of-the-art dental equipments, a talented and experienced staff, not to mention highly qualified doctors. No wonder why Americans and Canadians are flocking across the border to this border town.


Why the Low Cost of Dental Procedures in Molar City?

The best dental clinics in Molar City are able to offer low prices due to many reasons. The biggest one is that it costs much less to run a dental clinic in Mexico than it does in any US or Canadian city. Businesses in Mexico also do not have to deal with government red tape. The federal government of Mexico encourages friendly business competition and offers minimal business regulations. This keeps costs low and helps them attract medical tourists from different parts of North America, mainly the US and Canada.


A Convenient Destination

Getting to Los Algodones from the US is easy enough – people usually drive to Yuma, Arizona, and from there it is a 10-mile drive across the border and into Mexico. Canadians can either take a flight to Arizona and drive from there or take a flight directly to Mexico – whichever option is more affordable/convenient. If you are driving to the border, you can also park your car near the border in the parking lot for $16 per night. Or just drive across.


Lots of Clinics You Can Choose From

The main reason why people come to Los Algodones is affordable and reliable dental care. With more than 300 dental facilities in the small border city, there is no doubt you will be able to find a reputed institution offering the best equipment, environment and expert care. Some of the best and most reputed dental clinics you can choose from include CIRO Dental, Castle Dental and Supreme Dental.

Save a Small Fortune

Coming to the business end of things, you can save a small fortune by travelling to Molar City. Here is a price comparison that will clear up things for you:


  • Dental implant in the US: USD $3,900
  • Dental implant in Canada: CAD $5,000
  • Dental implant in Los Algodones: USD $1,250 / CAD $1,600


The numbers do not lie. You can effectively save up to 60% on dental costs. The savings will easily cover your cost of travel and accommodation. This is after considering you will have to revisit Molar City after four to six months once the dental implants have infused with your jawbone.


All in all, dental implant prices in Molar City reflect sheer professionalism, top quality equipment, friendly and competent staff and incredibly experienced, educated and bilingual dentists. Contact our customer support for more information on these clinics and conveniently book an appointment through us.

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