Mexican Dentists are High-Quality

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Dentists and dental clinics in Mexico are world-class and offer the same quality of treatment as in the US and Canada. Despite this, Americans and Canadians can be apprehensive to seek treatment in Los Algodones if they haven’t traveled abroad for dental or medical treatment before. This is mainly due to the lack of awareness about the low prices and high-quality dentists in Molar City. Many people believe that the dentists there lack experience and do not know how much they will save.

Some presume that dentists lack the training of those North of the border, but this is not the case. In Mexico, you will find well-equipped dental facilities offering world-class treatments at much lower prices, from highly qualified dentists, many of whom undertook at least part of their training in the US.


These dental professionals are famous for providing exceptional care to both international and local patients. These clinics receive many positive reviews, and the following have been recommended highly by past patients.



Is It Worth Travelling All the Way To Mexico?

Even though the treatment is reliable and more affordable, many people are hesitant to travel to Molar City for dental work. Molar City is a nickname for Los Algodones and the town is a dental tourism hub with close to 1,000 dentists. It is regarded as the dental capital of North America, if not the world, and one of its advantages is its location just over the border. Traveling there is easy, with many options available including flights or driving by car. You can even park at the border and walk across.


The following price comparison illustrates how you can save over 60% on some popular treatments:


Dental Implants

  • US: USD 3,900
  • Canada: CAD 5,000
  • Molar City: USD 1,250 / CAD 1,700

Dental Crowns

  • US: USD 1,500
  • Canada: CAD 1,887
  • Molar City: USD 500 / CAD 629

Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.


Getting Started


Dentists in Molar City are affordable, reliable, and easy to access for Americans and Canadians seeking to save money on dental treatments. You can book your appointment via Molar City Algodones online or call the customer care team for more information.





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