Los Algodones is a Top Dental Tourist Destination for North Americans

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Dental care does not come cheap in developed countries. It is has become depressingly difficult for people in North America to afford dental solutions. And with less than bare minimum insurance coverage, you will have to break your bank every now and then. This drives so many American and Canadians to look across the border into Mexico for cheap yet incredibly quality dental treatments. For instance, in the Mexican border town of Los Algodones dental implants are much cheaper and yet their quality measures up.

Also referred to as Molar City, Los Algodones is home to over 300 different dental clinics. Thanks to that, Mexico has now become one of the fastest growing dental tourism destinations across the world. With so many options available, selecting a dental clinic that suits you will not be that complicated.


Is Going to Molar City Worth It?

The best part about going to Molar city is of course, the cheap dental rates. Therefore, it does not matter whether you decide to catch a flight to Mexico or drive across the border. Your savings on Molar City dentists will easily cover your travel and accommodation. The main reason why Los Algodones can offer affordable dental care is Mexico’s lower operating costs. Dentists there are also not bound by bureaucratic red tape. This allows them to compete with other dental clinics without monopolizing anything. On the other hand, this very factor encourages more influx of tourist from different parts of North America, primarily the US and Canada.


How Much Can You Save?

For dental implants in Molar City, here is the low down on price:


  • Price in the US: USD $3,900
  • Price in Canada: CAD $5,000
  • Price in Los Algodones: USD $1,250 / CAD $1,600


You can save thousands and without worrying about travelling and accommodation costs. This rings true even for implant procedures where you have to visit again after four to six months. This time is needed for the implants to infuse with the jawbone.


The Best Clinics

As explained, dentists are able to offer topnotch services at lower prices because of the intentional lack of strict business regulations. You do not have to worry about any hidden costs or that you are compromising your health to save some money. Finding the right dental clinic is also key to saving money and getting optimal care in line with your requirements. Check out four of the best dental clinics in Los Algodones that offer premium dental treatment:



All of these dental clinics offer modern dental technologies and innovative treatment methodologies for a comfortable experience. Moreover, they have a team of competent and skilled dental assistants. In addition, most of the experienced dentists have international academic backgrounds and speak fluent English. So no worrying about the language barrier.


On the other end, it can become overwhelming to find the best dental clinics in Molar City because there are so many. At Molar City Algodones, we help you look for the best of clinics and offer critical background checks for criminal and malpractice. Moreover, we verify the credentials of the staff and of the dentists to ensure you are getting what is promised.


Los Algodones dental implants have given hope to so many people who could not afford to restore their beautiful smiles. Practically millions cross the border into Mexico for a variety of dental treatments. Feel free to learn more about the clinics mentioned above and contact the Molar City Algodones customer care team for more info.

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