Los Algodones for Cheap Dental Implants

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Known as the world’s dental capital, Los Algodones is a small Mexican border town offering affordable dentistry. With the highest number of dentists per capita, it is a popular destination for people in the US looking for cheap and reliable dental work. Dentists in Los Algodones offer the winning combination of low cost and high quality dental implants, attracting countless Americans from across the border.

No Need to Hunt for the Right Clinic

While you want to save money and get quality dental implants, you do not want to waste time hunting for the right clinic. This is why it helps to choose a clinic from a pre-screened list. Check out these three of the best clinics in Los Algodones:



These clinics have passed several checks such as those for malpractices, criminal records, staff qualifications and dental association memberships. This is where the best dentists in Los Algodones work. Moreover, in Algodones the dentists treat you like a tourist and not just as a patient. While you will be in and out of Los Algodones pretty quickly, you will appreciate the added hospitality you might not experience back home by your local, pricey dentist.


How Cheap?

The average dental implant prices in the US are around $3,900. In Los Algodones, also known as Molar City, it is only $1,250. You can save thousands of dollars even on a single implant. With multiple implants you can save a small fortune! The main reason for the lower prices is Mexico’s lower operating and materials costs. The red tape that affects US businesses is also not an issue in Mexico. Moreover, the dental clinics in Algodones share a healthy competition which keeps both prices and quality at an optimum.


Remember that dental implants require you to visit the dentist twice, after four to six months. This time is needed for the implant to infuse with the bone. The dentist will add permanent restorations on the second visit. Thanks to the huge price difference, the two trips should not be an issue. The city is around ten miles west of Yuma, Arizona. Even if you are farther away and you have to fly out to Arizona first, you can easily make the visits.


Los Algodones helps many Americans enjoy the benefits of dental implants who are otherwise put off by the high prices in the US. Dental implants help improve the overall dental health, enabling you to eat and speak properly and confidently. The rising out-of-pocket costs of dental care in the US drives an increasing number of people to convenient, affordable and reliable destinations such as Los Algodones. You do not have to let your missing teeth or sky-high prices of dental implants keep you from enjoying a better quality of life that comes with healthy teeth.



Feel free to read more about the clinics listed above. These dentists in Los Algodones are among the finest in Mexico, and the most easily accessible for a lot of Americans.

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