Learn About the Top Molar City Clinics for All-on-4

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Los Algodones also known as Molar City, has become a dental tourism wonderland, especially for patients of the US and Canada, who have been paying hefty fees for easing their dental troubles. One of the most complex and costliest surgeries is the all-on-4, which can cost as much as USD $26,000 / CAD $33,506 at American and Canadian clinics.

Our users who get their all-on-4 in Molar City have a very high satisfaction rate, and they only had to pay USD $10,000 / CAD $12,895 for the excellent treatment they have received. Like them, you can also save more than 60% on your all-on-4 dental surgery by hopping across the border and going to Molar City, considered as the dental capital of the world. Let’s take a closer look at the top clinics in this city.

Sani Dental Group

This is a reputable chain of dental clinics across Los Algodones. Founded in 1985 by Dr. Enrique Jimenez, the clinics have a panel of over 30 dentists, many of whom have international dentistry degrees, and have trained in various parts of the world. They offer a full range of affordable dental options, and also specialize in all-on-4.

To get your All-on-4 implants from Sani Dental Group, you need to pay around USD $8,950 / CAD $11,540, which is a nominal amount for the world-class treatment you will receive.

CIRO Dental

Another excellent clinic in Molar City, this one is conveniently located close to the US-Mexico Border, which means that you do not need to travel too far for your treatment. Not only do they provide the best treatment at the most affordable prices, but they do so by using state-of-the-art equipment, advanced dental technology, and is run by some of the best and most experienced dentists in Los Algodones.

CIRO Dental charges $9,000 / CAD $11,605 for all-on-4 implants, which is significantly lower than what you need to pay your local pricey dentist. All it takes is for you to cross the border.

Supreme Dental

Located just a block away from the US-Mexico border at Andrade, Supreme Dental treats thousands of American and Canadian patients who cross the border to get the lowest prices on dental treatments of superior quality. The clinic is also a member of the American Dental Association, and the dentists who work here have been educated and trained in the best dental institutions internationally.

Here you can get all-on-4 implants for only USD $7,500 / CAD $9,672, which is among the lowest prices for all-on-4 in Molar City. For a price like this, coupled with high-quality treatment, this clinic deserves a spot on your shortlist.

Now you have an idea about some of the best clinics in Molar City for your all-on-4 implants. Feel free to review the clinics in more detail. It’s not every day you get an all-on-4 treatment. With the right planning you can get the best dental care while saving a small fortune in Los Algodones.

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