Is It Worth Your While Traveling to Mexico for Dental Work?

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Did you know that in Mexico, dentists keep prices low? The rising cost of dental work in the US and Canada has been a bone of contention for many years. People have to consider travelling overseas just to be able to affordable basic treatments. However, you might wonder if heading to Mexico is indeed worth your while. Here is a look at a number of factors that can help you make an informed decision:

What Is Molar City?

With over 300 clinics and close to 1,000 dentists, Los Algodones is the de facto dental capital of the world. In fact, a majority of people refer to Algodones as Molar City. You might want to know where is Molar City. The town is near the US-Mexico border, and you can even walk across on foot from Yuma, Arizona.


The high level of competition between dentists in Molar City means that they keep their prices low to attract more patients. So, now you know what is Molar City, you can travel there for your dental care. But getting the right treatment for an affordable cost requires you to select the right clinic. Here is an over of some of the best Mexico dentists:


Supreme Dental

This clinic offers a wide range of procedures and boasts of state-of-the-art facilities and friendly staff.


Simply Dental

The clinic focuses on personalized care and individual attention for each patient. The staff here is highly trained and fluent in English, so you will face no barriers to communication.


Sani Dental Group

Sani has three locations across Mexico with more than 30 highly qualified dentists. You can visit any of their locations for reliable treatment.


Dr. Sonia Edeza Morales

Dr. Sonia is a renowned dentist who studied in an esteemed institute in Mexico. Her methods are modern and her facility features the latest technology.


Travelling Expenses

People travelling from the US and Canada often worry about the cost of travelling to Molar City. Contrary to popular belief, you can get to Mexico on the cheap. All you need to do is take a plane to Arizona, or you can drive there if you wish. From there, the Mexico border is just 10 miles out. If you take a plane to Arizona, you can rent a car from there and travel across the border. You can even travel to Mexico via plane directly.


Treatment Cost

Rising dental treatment costs in first world countries are a concern. This area is where dentists in Molar City stand out. They keep prices lower than their American and Canadian counterparts. You can opt for complex procedures without worrying about breaking the bank, which is not the case when you opt for treatment locally.


In Mexico, dentists offer affordable services. Regardless of the treatment you opt for, you can expect to save over 50% on the price. The cost savings are substantial enough that they offset the cost of travel and accommodation to and from Mexico, allowing you to undergo the treatment in peace.


Why Do Mexico Dentists Charge Less?

Dentists in Molar City keep prices low due to a number of reasons. First and foremost, they do not have to deal with bureaucratic red tape, unlike their counterparts in the US and Canada.


In addition, the cost of living in Molar City is lower than across the border. Hence, dentists can employ skilled staff at affordable wages. So, you can safely assume that the cost of operating a dental clinic in Los Algodones is considerably lower than in New York or Toronto.


If the rising cost of dental treatment is a concern for you, you should consider travelling to Mexico. Dentists there offer all the major and minor treatments you could require. If you wish to learn more about heading to Mexico for dental work, contact our customer support team.

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