How Much Can You Save on Dental Implants in Los Algodones?

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Do you need dental implants but are worried about how expensive they are? Rising out-of-pocket dental costs drive people in the US and Canada to look beyond borders. The best dentist in Los Algodones can help you save thousands of dollars. Let us take a closer look at how much you can save by getting dental implants in this Mexican border town.

The Price Difference

You should have a good idea of how much are dental implants in Los Algodones before you travel. In the US and Canada, the average price of a dental implant is USD $3,900 and CAD $5,150 respectively. In Algodones you can get it for around USD $1,250 / CAD $1,650. So you can save thousands of dollars based on the number of implants you need. If you need an all-on-4 implants system, you can save around fifteen thousand dollars!

Implant procedures require you to visit the dentist again after a few months. This is after the implants have infused with the jaw bone. Thanks to the savings, even if you are coming in from Canada the cost of travel and accommodation will not mean much.


Dental implants can revamp your smile but private dentists in the US and Canada can charge pretty much what they want. And you cannot rely on insurance to pay for dental implants because most providers consider them a cosmetic procedure. Thankfully, the best dentists in Los Algodones provide the perfect solution to this pickle.


The Reason for the Difference

Wondering what the catch is? You are not alone. Thankfully, you have nothing to worry about; the price difference is not due to a lack of quality either in the implants, clinics or the dentists. The main reason is the lower operating costs and cost of materials in Mexico.


Moreover, businesses in the US and Canada have to bear the brunt of red tape that Mexican clinics are not affected by. These factors allow even the best dentist in Los Algodones to offer their services at a price point their American and Canadian counterparts simply cannot.


First-rate clinics such as in Algodones such as Sani Dental Group and Simply Dental help you save good money without trading dollars for health. Read dental clinic reviews for such facilities and you will see why they are trusted by a growing number of dental tourists from across North America. Dental implants help you replace missing teeth easily; the right clinic in Algodones will deliver this priceless solution for a bargain.


Dental implants help replace unhealthy teeth, improving your dental health. They let you eat and speak properly and boost your confidence. You may want to consider giving up smoking as it can, among other things, cause dental implants to fail. At any rate, do not let your local pricey dentists keep you from enjoying these benefits. Read up on the clinics mentioned above to find the best dentist in Los Algodones.





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