How Much Can You Save on Dental Crowns in Algodones?

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Los Algodones offers the perfect blend of affordability with quality when it comes to dental crowns. The cost of dentistry at this Mexican border town is considerably lower than in any American or Canadian city. No wonder many people are travelling across the border from Yuma, Arizona to head to Los Algodones, known also as Molar City. So, how much money can you save by getting your dental crowns in Algodones? Let us find out.

The Savings

The average cost of a dental crown in the US and Canada is USD $1,164 and CAD $1,541. In comparison, you can get crowns in Algodones for USD $500 / CAD $662. Despite the price difference, you don’t have to settle for inferior quality. The main reasons why the crowns are inexpensive include low operating costs thanks to the low cost of labor and materials. The cost of living in Los Algodones is lower as well. Moreover, Mexican clinics do not have to deal with the bureaucratic red tape the plagues first-world businesses.


People who do not know these reasons fall for the myth that dental crowns and other treatments in Mexico are not of the same quality as back home. Now you know better. You can conveniently save over 50% on the cost of the dental crowns in Los Algodones without settling for lower quality.


Learn More about Dental Crowns

Doing your homework is always good, especially if you are traveling to another country for dental treatment. Start by learning about the different types of crowns available in Molar City. Here is a quick look at your options:


Full Porcelain/Ceramic

The least durable type of dental crowns, these have a natural appearance with a middling price.


Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM)

These crowns are durable and most affordable of the three types, but they lack cosmetic appeal.



The most expensive type of the lot, crowns comprising of Zirconia are the most durable and look great as well. Thanks to the low dental crown prices in Los Algodones, you can consider this type.


You can consult your dentist to determine the most suitable type of dental crown, depending on your needs. Crowns serve a number of purposes, including covering discolored or stained teeth, or keeping fillings in place. So long as you choose the right clinic, you will get quality implants despite the lower price. Some of the top clinics in Los Algodones include:


  • Alberta Dental
  • Sani Dental GroupSani Dental Outside
  • Castle Dental


Getting dental work in Mexico has its pros and potential cons. And choosing a reliable clinic is the key to making the most of the pros and sidestepping the cons. Use a reliable dental tourism portal to learn more about these clinics. You cannot conduct extensive background checks on your own like certain listings can.



Feel free to learn more about the clinics listed above. Read their descriptions, look at photos and compare prices. Heading to any of these gives you the best chance to get quality crowns in Algodones.





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