How Inexpensive are Dental Implants in Molar City?

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If you have ever considered traveling to another country for dental work you are not alone. Many Americans and Canadians enquire about how to undergo dental implant surgery in countries such as Mexico every day as the cost of dental treatment is constantly rising. Dentistry has become so expensive many people avoid visiting the dentist all together unless they are in severe discomfort.

Dental implant surgery south of the border is one of the most popular treatments for dental tourists. This is because dental implant prices in dentistry hotspots such as Molar City are inexpensive and make the option worthwhile for you.


Dentists in Mexico have lower costs than their counterparts in the US and Canada. As a result, high-quality dental clinics in Molar City are able to keep prices low, which attracts patients from north of the border. Los Algodones is as close to the US as you can get, and you can travel to the US by traveling due north, south, east or west.


How Much Money Can You Save in Los Algodones?

Los Algodones is a border town and the de facto dental capital of the world. It is home to more than 300 dental clinics and 1,000 dentists. As most of the patients requiring treatment there are visitors, clinics do not have the same regular client base as clinics in the US and Canada, and have to compete on factors other than geography.


As such, clinics reduce prices whilst maintaining high levels of care and comfort to entice patients. Also, they ensure standards are high as return custom and word of mouth referrals remain the lowest cost and most effective marketing methods.


Below is a comparison of dental implant prices in the US, Canada and Molar City:


  • US:             USD 3,900
  • Canada:     CAD 5,000
  • Molar City:  USD 1,250 / CAD 1,700

As you can see, the price is around a third of what you would spend at a clinic back home, although you should note that 2 visits 3 to 6 months apart will be required to complete your treatment. As such, many patients travel in family or friend groups to reduce travel costs, or undergo additional treatments such as teeth whitening


Do You Have to Compromise on Quality?

A valid concern many have relates to the quality of affordable dental implants in Molar City. However, there is no need to be worried as the low costs do not mean that the quality is lower. The facilities are modern and house the latest technology, which is employed by highly qualified dentists, many of whom qualified in the US.


The following clinics have passed a series of stringent checks as well as being highly recommended by past patients, so you can be sure of their quality:



Getting Started

Dental implants in Molar City are high-quality and inexpensive. Book an appointment at one of the best clinics today online or contact the customer care team for more details.


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