How Do Top Molar City Dentists Balance Cost and Quality for a Mouth Makeover?

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The Mexican border town Los Algodones, also known as Molar City, is a great attraction for people in the US, even Canada, looking for affordable dental work. Worried by the sky-high prices their local dentists charge, the affordable dental clinics in Algodones are a very welcome alternative. While Americans living nearby hop over the border to Molar City for small dental procedures, the more expensive ones such as a full mouth makeover attract even those living farther away, including Canadians. For instance, an all-on-4 implants system that costs USD $26,000 / CAD $ 33,431 in the US / Canada, costs just USD $10,000 / CAD $12,900 in Algodones.

If you’re wondering how dentists balance cost and quality on a full mouth makeover in Los Algodones, you’re not alone. Some people think that there must be a big difference in quality because of the huge price difference. Thankfully, this isn’t the case and it’s important you understand the real reasons behind the affordability.

Lower Operating Costs

This is the main reason behind the affordable dental care in Los Algodones. It costs a lot less money to run a dental practice in Mexico than it does in the US or Canada. Maintaining a modern dental facility is much cheaper in Molar City than in your hometown. This has a direct and big impact on the prices these dentists can offer you. So, while your dental bill is much lower, the quality doesn’t take a hit.

Stiff Competition

There are 300+ dental clinics and 900+ dentists in Los Algodones. And these players share a healthy competition, all of them hoping to catch your business. They are well-aware of their main target audience i.e. Americans and Canadians, who’re accustomed to high-quality dental work but are looking for big savings.

The need to maintain a competitive edge enables these dentists to offer the best in terms of cost and quality. In an expensive procedure such as a full mouth makeover, the savings can run into the thousands of dollars.

Less Red Tape

Businesses in first-world countries such as the US are prone to red tape bureaucracy which affects their bottom lines. When you cross the border to Mexico, this red tape is largely eliminated. So the dental clinics serving you in that country are far more capable of offering you a great price than their American counterparts, without having to compromise on quality.

A Few Recommendations

It’s always good to have some reliable recommendations. Here are 3 great dental clinics in you should consider for your full mouth makeover in Los Algodones:

Feel free to learn more about these clinics and see which one you would like to visit.

So, now you know why you’re not trading dollars for health when you visit Molar City for a full mouth makeover. Go ahead and plan your dental trip to this Mexican town, also known as the Dental Capital of the World.

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