How Cheap is Dentistry in Los Algodones?

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If you are looking for affordable dentists the prices Los Algodones offers for dental work will make your day. Los Algodones, also known as Molar City is a Mexican border town known for offering inexpensive dental services. Let us take a closer look at how cheap dentistry is in Algodones.

Price Difference for Common Procedures

The comparison is based on average US/Canada prices and starting price in Algodones:


Dental Implants

  • US: $3,900
  • Canada: $5,150
  • Algodones: USD $1,250 / CAD $1,650



  • US: $25,000
  • Canada: $33,000
  • Algodones: USD $10,000 / CAD $13,600


Dental Crowns

  • US: $1,164
  • Canada: $1,541
  • Algodones: USD $500 / CAD $662


Whether it is the lower dental implant prices or all-on-4 costs, they do not mean you have to settle for lower quality. The main reason for the price difference is Mexico’s lower operating expenses. Labor and materials are also cheaper there, resulting in the affordable dental services that Americans and Canadians cannot turn down. Moreover, unlike businesses in developed countries like the US and Canada, businesses in Mexico are not affected by bureaucratic red tape that drives up their costs.


You can also save money at the numerous pharmacies and opticians at Molar City. These low-cost outlets help you refill your prescriptions for much less. You can also get over-the-counter drugs without a prescription.



Understand Your Dental Treatment

Make sure you understand the dental solution you want. For instance, for implant procedures you will have to make two trips to Molar City, four to six months apart. This is the time needed for the implants to infuse with the bone. Your dentist will add permanent restorations on the second visit.


If you need dental crowns you should review the pros and cons of the different types of crowns available. For instance, porcelain-fused-metal (PFM) are durable but do not look too good. Full porcelain/ceramic are average-priced and look great but are the weakest material. Zirconia crowns score high in durability and aesthetics but cost the most.


Whether it is making two trips to Algodones for the implants or going for Zirconia crowns, the cost savings will make it all easier for you. The only catch is you need to find one of the best clinics in Molar City.


Check Out the Top Clinics

The best clinics in Los Algodones are driven by positive word of mouth. Three of the most renowned clinics here are:



Clinics such as these make Molar City a favorite dental tourist destination especially for people in the US and Canada. During winter you will love how warm the area is. Fiestas are happening throughout the year, with the best ones around Christmas season.


As people search for affordable and reliable dentists the prices Los Algodones offers them solves their problems. Feel free to read more about the three clinics listed above as you plan your dental trip to Algodones. Look at photos, read reviews and compare prices before you choose one.

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