Heard about the price of dentists in Molar City?

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The price of dentists in Molar City compared to the U.S is astoundingly cheap! No question about that! The United States’ current prices for dental care services may have forced to put some of you dental needs aside. What can one do if a simple teeth cleaning procedure costs more than it should?

Well, other than compromising your dental health to save money, you can look up the dental work prices of dentists in Molar City. Compared to the U.S, Molar City, Los Algodones will seem like a dollar store selling authentic, 24-karat diamonds. With prices that are so cheap, and yet exemplifying dental excellence on a par with any high-end clinic in the world, Molar City has gained its righteous title as the Dental Capital of the World.

Affordability of dental procedures in Molar City

Due to the affordability of dental care services in Mexico, Los Algodones is able to provide dental work for Americans that aren’t anywhere close to the prices they have in the United States. The low-cost of living has created a welcoming environment for foreigners from all over the world to avail their inexpensive dental care. In Los Algodones, the competing prices of dentists and dental clinics also accounts for the inexpensive costs of dental work in Molar City.

Though this may seem bad business for the Mexican dentists, there’s no need to worry — thousands of people from all over the world like Australians, Canadians, Europeans and Americans come to Molar City every year. The myriad of clinics in Molar City more than accommodates the insurmountable amount of dental tourists.

The costs of dental work from Molar City dentists

Dental work in Los Algodones is discounted at least by 65%. Compared to the prices you’ll find in the United States, you will be able to save three-fourths of the original price. Teeth cleaning procedures that cost up to $700 will be reduced to a mere quarter of the price. Same goes with major dental procedures like the all-on-6 dental implants, which usually cost up to $30,000. From minor to major dental procedures.

Dental Crowns $1,600.00 INTERNATIONAL
Dental Fillings $201.00 INTERNATIONAL
Dental Implants $3,850.00 INTERNATIONAL
Veneers $1,400.00 INTERNATIONAL
Root Canal $1,150.00 INTERNATIONAL
Teeth Whitening $496.00 INTERNATIONAL
  31.40% % PATIENTS PAY

Molar City is the place to be if you want to save money and still get quality results!

Dentists in Molar City

There are many dentists in Molar City, Los Algodones to choose from, but to help you choose, we’ve narrowed down three reputable clinics. These clinics are certified and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to help deliver top-quality dental procedures for their patients.


Whether you choose Alberta Dental or Best Dentist Mexico, you’ll still be able to avail of the affordable dental care services found in Molar City. Browse through our listings e to find out some more. Los Algodones is the perfect place for Americans to get their dental health in check; the price of dentists in Molar City — compared to the U.S — is an opportunity you can’t let pass.

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