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Looking to get your teeth improved, or that smile restored into its fullest form? Well, Molar City Algodones is happy to present to you the top-quality and affordable dental crowns in Molar City. Molar City is known throughout the world as a reliable source of accessible dental care — almost like a haven for those looking to escape the overpriced dental care of their own home countries. U.S citizens come to Molar City every year just to keep their dental health in check, as well as have procedures to enhance their dental aesthetic — like the dental crowns. To know more about dental crowns in Molar City, read on!

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are caps that fit over existing teeth. They are used to provide cosmetic results on misshapen or discolored tooth to hide its flaws and present a better aesthetic, as well as to strengthen teeth that may be damaged, or have had a root canal. It is also used a false teeth to mount on an abutment during a dental implant procedure. Crowns are usually ceramic, but there other options as well, like zirconium.

How much do they cost?

Molar City prices for quality dental work is very affordable. Crowns cost hundreds of dollars in the U.S., but in Los Algodones Molar City, you’ll find prices that are around 25% of the prices you’ll find in America. Mexico has dental care that is much more affordable than in the U.S., and the higher monetary value of the U.S dollar also contributes to the affordability of dental work in Molar City.

USA $ 1,600.00 VERSUS $ 450.00 Saving US  $ 1,150.00

Where should I go for my dental crowns?

Molar City Algodones has partners all over Molar City, and these are the clinics that you should trust to get your dental crown, and have it installed. Our partner clinics are highly reliable, as we’ve done thorough background checks on their hygiene, credibility, quality of services and facilities.

We recommend Alberta Dental and Dr. Sonia Edeza Morales for your crowns procedure. You can also find many other clinics in our website, each with meticulous and detailed information about their offered services and rates.

Where is Molar City?

Los Algodones, Molar City sits between the border of the United States and Mexico, near the California border. To get there, you have to take the Calif. 186 route, then south of Algodones Road, all the way to Yuma Arizona. Go south when you reach Yuma Arizona, taking the Andrade Exit, then south again for two miles. Once you have crossed the border, you’ll be in Molar City.

Whether you want your smile improved by hiding your dental flaws, or to fill the gap in your teeth arch and recover the full functionality of your teeth, you’ll find great affordability for your dental crowns in Molar City. Make sure you to book with us here at Molar City Algodones, when you decide its time to up your dental game. Book now!

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