Get to know Los Algodones, Molar City — America’s haven for dental care

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Acquiring affordable dental care services is a difficulty for a lot of people. For Americans, dental procedures cost so much that they actually opt to go out of the city — or even country — to have their dental procedures. Why? Because it’s much more affordable, even on top of all the travel, accommodation and food costs. We know — it sounds unreal. But we assure you that it is. The place they go to is Los Algodones, or more commonly known as Molar City.

What makes Molar City so unique?

Molar City, Los Algodones is known as the Dental Capital of the World. Lots of people from all around the planet, travel from their distant countries, just to avail the affordability and high-quality that the Molar City offers. Americans from many states travel all the long way for an affordable dental procedure. This allows them to save more than they would spend accumulatively in their home state. Molar City has been designed to provide affordable dental care to those who can’t because of the overpriced dental procedures in their country—including America.

How can Americans benefit from Molar City?

Americans are lucky when it comes to accessibility to Molar City as they don’t have too far to travel to an affordable overseas dental clinic. Los Algodones is located just along the border of Mexico and America, near California to be exact. It’s basically just a neighbor! Americans are lucky to have Molar City with the current climate of dental care services in the country, so it really is best for them to take advantage of this opportunity.

How much can I save with my dental procedures in Molar City?

Dental procedures in Molar City are less than 70% in comparison to the prices you would see from the ones offered in the United States. There, you would only spend about a fraction of the usual prices — no need to worry about losing your savings just for a simple teeth cleaning!

Most procedures are priced at between 25% and 50% of current prevailing prices in the USA.

Are dental clinics and their dentists reliable for my dental procedure?

Molar City houses hundreds of dentists with their very own dental clinics, and each of these dentists have qualifications for practicing their craft. Most dental professionals in Los Algodones have received their degrees from highly-reputable institutions in the United States, so the quality of services and dental procedures don’t have any difference at all — save for the fact that dental procedures in Molar City are much more affordable than the ones in the U.S. Here are some examples of the clinics in Molar City for Americans to check out:

These are just the tip of the iceberg — just go through our website and see the available dentists and dental clinics on our pages to know more about them.

When it comes to accessible dental care services for Americans, there really is no other place to be than Molar City.

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