Get Dental Implants on the Cheap by Travelling to Molar City

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Dental implants are quite expensive in the US and Canada. Many people who need the treatment aren’t able to afford it. However, there is a way to get the same treatment for a lower cost. You can travel to Los Algodones. Dental implants in the Mexican town are considerably more affordable.

Travelling to Mexico for dental work might not appear to be the most appealing idea. Yet, the cost savings you can enjoy might help change your mind. In Molar City, dentists charge a fraction of what you pay back home for implants. This makes travelling to Mexico a great option. The best part is that there is negligible, if any difference, in the quality of dentistry between Molar City and the top dental clinics in the US and Canada.


How Much Will You Save?

Before moving ahead, you first need to understand the difference in prices of dental implants between the US / Canada and Molar City. In Molar City, dentists charge USD $1,250/ CAD $1,600 for standard implants. In comparison, the price of the treatment in the US and Canada is USD $3,900/ CAD $5,000 respectively. As you can see, you can conveniently save over 65% on the cost of the treatment.


By travelling to Los Algodones for dental implants, you can conveniently save thousands of dollars. Bear in mind that you will need to make more than one trip for implants. The first trip is just for installation. The implants take about six months to infuse with your jawbone. Once the implants infuse, the dentists will make the final adjustments.


Is The Quality Of Treatment Any Good?       

Los Algodones offers topnotch dental care. Of course, the low price may lead you to believe that there is a catch. However, the cheap dental implants are because of the low operational costs for clinics in Molar City.


In developed countries, the cost of operating a clinic is really high due to a number of factors, including strict regulations and bureaucratic red tape. The Mexican government, on the other hand, facilitates local dentists, fostering healthy competition to enable them to attract patients from abroad. The cost of living in Los Algodones is also quite low, and therefore dentists can find skilled labor at low wages.


Due to the high level of competition, dentists keep prices low, while also maintaining quality. Despite the fact that they are offering cheap dental implants, you can expect the level of care and treatment to be on par with the best dentists in the US and Canada.


Best Clinics in Los Algodones for Dental Implants

If you want to get excellent treatment along with substantial savings, you need to select the right clinic. Therefore, it is best to do your research before you decide to travel. Here are a few reputed clinics in Los Algodones you should consider:



Is Getting Implants in Molar City Worth Your While?

Travelling to Los Algodones is not as expensive as it seems. You simply have to travel to Yuma, Arizona, from where you can cross the border on foot or by car. Drive up to Yuma and park your car overnight for $16 while you head to Los Algodones for your implants treatments.


In Los Algodones, dental implants are not only affordable, but the quality of the treatment is world-class. You do not have to compromise on quality or safety in order to save money on dental implants. If you want to learn more about selecting the right clinic for the treatment in Molar City, you can reach out to our customer support team.

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