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Mexican dentists are famous for providing inexpensive dental care and as such provide relief for people in the US and Canada whose only other option are the expensive dental clinics at home. Despite the low prices in Mexico, many people are apprehensive about traveling to save money on their teeth as their teeth are very important to them. There is a common misconception that the dentists in Molar City are not reliable and therefore the risk is too high.

Also, some people do not understand that they will save money even after travel expenses are added. Dentists in Mexico charge less than half the price north of the border, so there is plenty left over to cover travel costs.


However, before you can start exploring the top dentists in Los Algodones, or Molar City as it is commonly known, you need to have a clear idea of what and where is Molar City is, as well as the amount of money you can save.


How Much Can You Save?


Here is a brief price comparison on a number of dental procedures which demonstrate savings of over 50%:


Dental Implants

  • US: USD 3,900
  • Canada: CAD 5,000
  • Molar City: USD 1,250 / CAD 1,700

All-on-6 Dental Implants Costs

  • US: USD 27,000
  • Canada: CAD 34,831
  • Molar City: USD 9,000 / CAD 11,612

Dental Crowns

  • US: USD 1,500
  • Canada: CAD 1,887
  • Molar City: USD 500 / CAD 629

Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.


High-Quality Dental Clinics in Molar City


If you are traveling to Molar City for dental care you should opt for multiple treatments to maximize your savings. Dentists keep prices low across the board and the more procedures you opt for, the more money you will end up saving.


To ensure you get the best treatment, check out the following highly recommended clinics in Molar City:



Traveling to Molar City


Molar City is the nickname for Los Algodones, a small Mexican city that is home to hundreds of dental clinics and over a thousand dentists. The city claims to be the dental capital of the world, and it is located at a few minutes’ drive from the Mexican – American border, near Yuma in Arizona. Yuma is served by an international airport, and shuttles operate from there and the border.


Getting Started


Dentists in Molar City are affordable and high-quality. Book an appointment today online or contact the customer care team for more information.





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