Everything You Need to Know about Crowns in Algodones

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Did you know that crowns in Algodones cost less than 20% of the amount you may end up spending on the treatment back home? Los Algodones, known also as Molar City, is a Mexican border town, offering world-class dental facilities that provide a wide range of treatments. Thousands of Americans and Canadians travel to Algodones every week to receive dental care at low prices.

Of course, you might wonder if travelling across the border for dental work is indeed worth your while. And more significantly, whether dentists in Molar City are on par with the dentists that you can select locally. To answer all the questions you may have, here is a brief guide to getting crowns in Algodones.


The Location

As mentioned, Los Algodones is a border town, situated right on the US-Mexico border in California and Arizona. Besides being home to around 1,000 dentists, the town has a warm and dry climate. Snowbirds from the US and Canada will enjoy the time they spend there on their dental trip. Getting to Algodones is easy, as you can cross the border from Yuma, Arizona on foot. Just park your car on this side of the border overnight for $16. You can walk across the border into Algodones and return the same day after getting your crowns.


The Prices

Crowns in Algodones literally cost a fraction of the prices dentists in the US and Canada charge. The average cost of crowns in the United States is around USD $900 to USD $1,500, depending on the number of crowns you need. In Canada, the cost varies from CAD $1,132 to CAD $1,887. In comparison, in Algodones, you have to spend between USD $160 and $500/ CAD $201 and $629 on the treatment. That makes dental crown prices in Los Algodones less than a quarter of what you might spend back home. No matter what type of dental crown you need, you can get the best one for the bet price in Algodones.


The Quality

Now, you might wonder if the low prices of crowns indicate low quality as well. Thankfully, this is not the case. Dentists in Algodones are among the best in the region, with many of them receiving their education and training overseas. Moreover, the leading dental clinics in Algodones feature cutting-edge, modern dental technology. You can undergo the treatment in a safe and comfortable environment, experiencing a level of hospitality that you will hardly experience at a local clinic.


And that begs the questions: why are dental crown prices in Los Algodones so low? There are a number of reasons for this. And low quality has nothing to do with that, so long as you select a reputable clinic:


  • The overall cost of operating a clinic is much lower in Mexico
  • Dentists in Mexico do not have to deal with bureaucratic red tape
  • The cost of labor and materials in Algodones is lower than in the US and Canada
  • Molar City clinics are locked in a stiff competition, forcing them to balance cost and quality


Now you know why even the best clinics in town such as Simply Dental, Castle Dental and Alberta Dental, are able to keep prices low. These places will help you make the most of the benefits of dental crowns without them costing a fortune.


So, there you have it, the lowdown on crowns in Algodones and why you should consider the option. Before you cross the border though, make sure to learn more about the clinics mentioned here.




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