Even Top Dentists in Mexico Charge Much Less than US and Canadian Dentists

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The cost of dental care continues to skyrocket in developed nations such as the US and Canada. You have to realize that no matter how much you save for different treatment, you will have to break your bank every now and then. Not many people are okay with. This drives a lot of American and Canadians across the border, seduced by the low dental prices in Mexico.

The most famous city in Mexico for highly affordable dental treatments is Los Algodones, which is also known as Molar City. The city has become renowned for top dental care across the world. With over 300 dental clinics in the border city, selecting the best clinics for effective and quality treatment is hassle-free.


Is the Trip Worthwhile?

In a word – yes. And to much of your surprise, the cost saving on different dental procedures will easily pay cover the cost of travel and any accommodation you need. Whether you decide to drive across the border or fly into Mexico, you’re good to go. Dental clinics in Mexico are not bound by bureaucratic red tape, which translates into lower costs and prices. Thanks to this the Mexican dental industry has been seeing a massive growth over the past few decades. In contrast, US and Canadian dentists have to deal with much high operational costs and cost of materials and labor.


The closest thing to a catch is selecting a reliable clinic. Thanks to dental tourist portals like this one, you can easily pick a reputable clinic. Every clinic on this listing has gone through a rigorous screening process including onsite visits, staff qualification verification and criminal and malpractice checks. You cannot do these verifications on your own, which makes this portal crucial for choosing a dental clinic.


How Much You Will Save

How much can affordable dentists in Mexico help you save? This cost comparison for dental implants will clear things up:


  • Price in the US: USD $3,900
  • Price in Canada: CAD $5,000
  • Price in Los Algodones: USD $1,250/ CAD $1,600


No matter which treatment you need, you can save good money in Mexico. Just make sure you understand the procedure you need. For instance, for dental implants you will have to come back after four to six months as the implants take time to infuse with your jawbone.


The Best Clinics

If you are worried that you may have to compromise your health to save money, rest assured you do not have to. There are no strings attached, low operational costs drive Mexican dentists to push for lower prices while being focusing on providing exceptional patient care. However, with so many clinics in Los Algodones, it is vital that you stick with the best of the best dental clinics. Check out four of the top dental clinics in Mexico you should add to your shortlist:



First-rate clinics like these make Mexico a hotspot for dental tourism in North America.

Take a more detailed look into these clinics offering low dental prices in Mexico. Read customer testimonials, take a look at the pictures of their clinics and before & after shots, check the credentials of the leading dentists. If you do your homework, you will always be heading to a quality clinic. After you are done with treatment, go to your local dentist for a little show and tell; there is no question they will be surprised at the quality of work and how much you paid for it.

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