Dental Implants are More Affordable in Molar City

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Dentists in the US and Canada are expensive, and with above-inflation increases causing prices to increase, more and more patients are starting to struggle with dental costs. However, in Mexico, prices are much more affordable due to a number of factors, and as a result, dental implant prices in Molar City are a fraction of what you would pay back home.

Los Algodones, a town close to the US – Mexico border is the ‘dental capital of the world.’ Despite the small radius, Molar City as it is known has the highest dentists’ per capita ratio in the world with over 300 dental clinics and more than 1,000 dentists. It has become a dental tourism hub that attracts hundreds of thousands of dental tourists every year.


Dental Implants in Molar City

Dental implants are artificial ‘teeth’ that mimic the look and functionality of your teeth and are the best solution in the market. The treatment, however, can be expensive in the US and Canada, costing USD 3,900 and CAD 5,000 respectively. In comparison, dental clinics in Molar City charge just USD 1,250 / CAD 1,700.

With the cost of travel to the border low, you could make the 2 visits required for dental implants and still save a sizeable amount on the total cost. You can also add some other dental or cosmetic treatments on the cheap, including dental crowns and teeth whitening in Algodones, or take friends and family members to reduce the cost of travel per head.


Do You Have to Compromise on Quality?

Many people assume that you have to compromise on quality in Mexico because of the lower prices but this is not the case. Some clinics in Los Algodones are specialist dental implant clinics as they get so many visitors wanting to save money. The dentists in Mexico are highly qualified and experienced, with many undertaking at least part of their training


All the clinics listed on Molar City Algodones pass a series of stringent checks that ensure your safety when visiting a clinic. These checks include on-site visits from a staff member, verifying staff qualifications and the clinic’s malpractice records, and ensuring the hygiene protocols are to international standards.


The following clinics passed all checks and have been highly recommended by past patients:



Getting Started

Low dental implant prices in Molar City can be accessed without compromising on quality. Reach out to the customer support team if you need assistance with scheduling an appointment or book online at no extra charge.


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