Dental Implant Procedures Cost a Lot Less in Los Algodones

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Hundreds of thousands of Americans and Canadian go to Los Algodones for dental implant procedures. The rising dental prices in both these countries are sharply increasing, pushing people to look beyond borders. People are becoming more flustered with ridiculous price hikes in dental care. Not being to restore your gorgeous smile is something nobody should go through. Not to mention, nobody wants to live with missing teeth all their lives. Now wonder so many North Americans now flock across the border and into Mexico’s Molar City (Los Algodones), which is home to hundreds of dental clinics. The dentists prices in Los Algodones are astonishingly low, making the trip worthwhile. 

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Easy to Access and A Weekend Getaway

One of the best things about going to Los Algodones is the fact that for Americans, they can just drive over to Molar City. The border city is just 10 miles away from Yuma, Arizona. If you are coming from Canada, you can fly to Arizona and then rent a car to Los Algodones on the US-Mexico border. With average prices of dentistry so low, your cost saving will make up for your travelling and accommodation expenses. You can even park your car at the border for a $16 per night fee.


A Plethora of Options

The main reason why North Americans travel to Los Algodones is the low dental implant prices. The dental tourism industry in Mexico has seen an exponential boom over the past two decades as a result. With over 300 dental clinics in Molar City, the small town has some of the best dentists anybody can afford. Along with renowned clinics like CIRO Dental, you can also opt for Supreme Dental and Castle Dental. These reputed clinics have a team of talented dental assistants and dentists who also speak English, making the process even simpler.


Cozy Whether

The weather in Los Algodones is warm for a major chunk of the year. With a dry climate, people from colder regions in North America will have a time of their lives exploring the small town. While it is primarily a dental tourism hub, there are still plenty of amenities you can enjoy there like fiestas and delicious Mexican cuisines. Not to mention low-cost pharmacies where you can get your refills for much less.


This is How Much You Will Save on Dental Implants

With low pricing being the ultimate motivator for American and Canadians to come to Los Algodones:  

  • Dental implant in the US: USD $3,900
  • Dental implant in Canada: CAD $5,000
  • Dental implant in Los Algodones: USD $1,250 / CAD $1,600

Saving thousands of dollars, you can completely cover your traveling and accommodation expenses and set aside some of the money for the second trip you are going to have to make. You will need to come again after four to six months once the implant infuses with your jawbone.


With up to 60% in cost savings, coming back a second time will not be an issue. In addition, if you take care of your implants, for example, quitting smoking, your implants will serve you for a longer period.


So there you go – a low down on dentists prices in Los Algodones and how you can save thousands of dollars. However, it is also important to ensure that you select the right dental clinic. At Molar City Algodones we offer conduct comprehensive screening before adding any clinic to our listing. In addition to verifying the staff qualifications and dental association memberships, we check the malpractice and criminal records and also collect authentic patient testimonials.

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